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A group dedicated to spreading honesty and positivity.
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SHERRI GIBSON the founder of this great group had the vision to spread positive reinforcement to writers through reviewing. A published author, Sherri saw a chance to support those who had the courage to pick up the pen, use the keyboard, and write. Through sending positive reviews here in the community, Sherri strove to help authors find their voice and share it with others. By encouraging others to review with positive reinforcement, Sherri saw her dream sprout and grow. We strive to keep her dream alive by continuing on in her absence.

Your Hosts: Lyn's a Witchy Woman Lonewolf
Anyone interested in joining "SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP should please contact a group leader first.

*Stop* Do Not contact or send email, GPs, correspondence or requests to Simply Positive it is a dormant account set up to help aid the leaders in continuing on with this great group, now that SHERRI GIBSON has passed on.

*Vine2**Heart**Vine1*Our mission is to review on a weekly basis. We encourage reviews for all case colors. We ask that all reviews be honest, yet tasteful, please. Point out tips that will be helpful, and also the positive things found in the item if there are any. You can be honest in a tasteful way. Reviews that are simply cut and paste and sound almost verbatim as other reviews done will only receive the minimal amount. If this is an ongoing issue the reviewer will be removed from the group. *Vine2**Heart**Vine1*

*SeahorseV* What you, as a reviewer, can expect*SeahorseV* :
Reviews made publicly, which are 500 characters or more in length(Minus WritingML, greeting, and closing!), affiliated with Simply Positive, and containing a Simply Positive signature, will receive public review credit. As you review, you spread encouragement through this wonderful site, helping authors and we wish to support that through this system of review recognition.

Weekly Bonus Incentive

*StarfishB*Complete 10 reviews or more. They must be over 500 characters .
*StarfishY* List them in 1 forum post below, before the week ending deadline of 11:59 on Wednesday night of that week.
*StarfishR* Affilliate the review to Simply Positive
*StarfishP* Include a Simply Positive Signature

*StarfishB* Merit Badges will be awarded monthly for reviewers who give 10 or more reviews each week of the month. This does not mean 40 reviews down in one week and none in the others. We are recognizing those reviewers who give Simply Positive Reviews every week spreading Positivity in the community.

Those wishing to participate who complete the minimum of 10 weekly reviews or more, and follow the above-mentioned criteria, will be credited and eligible for 15,000 gps and random bonus gps for going above and beyond at the leader's discretion.

{review:3683540} will look like this Review of "A Hero Of 911" . PLEASE list them in one post, simply go back to the original post and edit it. Just do so before the time stamp of 11:59 on Wednesday evening WDC Time. It really helps the leaders a lot and assures that no reviews are missed.

Please note that in Reviewing Frenzies such as Game of Thrones or other such contests all reviews will be capped at 500gps because of the high volume of reviews so as not to deplete the reward funds. This does not apply to those doing reviews solely for Simply Positive.
You can find the group signatures *Right* ""Simply Positive" Group Signatures and "MORE SIMPLY POSITIVE SIGNATURES

*Bulletr* Those who cannot use signatures and can only affiliate reviews to Simply Positive due to membership status, will still be credited as those who can use signatures and will also still be eligible for the weekly prize. *Smile* If this applies to you, please use the following code in your reviews in place of the signature:

{center}{e:RainbowL}{c:blue}{b}A Review from {item:simplypositive}!{/b}{/c}{e:RainbowR}{/center}

Which will look like:

For those who can use signatures but are choosing not to and to those that can't use the signature images and don't use the *Up*above code but use the affiliation tool, the reward will be lower.

We love kind donors!  Kiss!

*Exclaimb* If you are running or know of a running activity that is supporting Simply Positive, please notify a group leader and it will be posted on this page.
*Exclaim* Simply Positive will also host activities from time to time such as reviewing frenzies, charity/activity auctions, and so on. *Delight* *Exclaim*
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