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Enter your story of 300 words or less.
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Welcome to the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge!
Brought to you by "The Talent Pond!

Flash fiction is fun to read and a challenge to write.
It must contain all the elements of a larger work of fiction, but in a much shorter space.

Are you up for it?

There are Rules, of course.

*Note1* A new prompt will be posted every day in the forum at the bottom of this page at approximately 11:00 pm WDC time. (Eastern US time). The prompt will have the date of the next day, the day it is due. After the prompt is posted,you'll have about 24 hours to post your entry.

*Note2* Poetry is not accepted in this contest.

*Note3* You may enter one story per prompt.

*Note4* Please keep your entry at or below 18+. Anything higher than 18+ will not qualify.

*Note5* Please do not submit fan fiction.

*NoteP* Please do not submit really sad stories, especially anything that involves serious harm to children or pets. I hate sad stories!

*Note5* There are two ways you can enter:
(1) You can link to an item in your portfolio in bitem format. A bitem link is done like this {bitem:#######} with your item number in place of the #'s. You may also create a book item to store your entries and post links to the individual book entries.

(2) You may also post your entry directly in a forum message as long as the content of your story does not go above the rating of the forum (13+).

*Note1* Your entry must follow the prompt of the day.

*Note2* New stories only, please.

*Note3* Your story must contain a setting, at least one (1) character, a conflict and a resolution.

*Note4* You are allowed to edit your entry. The entries won't be read until the round is closed.

*Note5* Here's the hard part - your story must be 300 words or fewer.

*Note1* The most important rule of all--have fun!

Who doesn't love Prizes?

First Place: 1500 GPs

And if we want to: Honorable Mention: 500 GPs

There is no entry fee, however donations are accepted and will be used to fund prizes.

Special thanks to everyone who has donated!

Other Important Things

If you have any questions, please e-mail Arakun the Twisted Raccoon or Brooklyn .

It's not required, but it would be nice if you would include a word count with your entry, either in your post or at the end of the story.


If you want to comment on a story that has been posted directly in a forum message, you'll need to e-mail it to the author of the post. If you write it in the comment box below the message, it comes as a review of the contest. Please do not place comments on stories in the forum. If you want to contact the author of an entry, click on the little envelope next to his or her name.

Judging will be as soon as possible after 11:00 pm each day. Sorry, there are no time guarantees here. Due to the late hour when the contest is judged, I will only review the winner.

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

Alternate Judges
JACE - Sightseeing
🌕 HuntersMoon

Judge's decisions are final!

Have fun!

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