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These images have been created for your use. Feel free to pick any by simply typing the ID numbers in your 'Signature' area.

How To Upload Images:
Since these are already shareable, there's no need to download and upload to your portfolio.

1. Go to 'My Account'
2. Click on 'Edit Signature(s)'
3. In the box provided, copy and paste the image tag # (as is!) below the signature of your choice.
4. Update/View and you're all set.

Please make sure you use the signatures in whatever you choose to do for the Angel Army so that you are recognized for your hard work!

Gift from ~Minja~ ! Thank you! *Bigsmile*

Sigs from Mastiff

Just and old lithograph signature
A signature for WDC Angel Army

Sigs from Rhoswen - Relentless Victory

Reviewed by The Angel Army!

Sigs from iKïyå§ama

Non-Animated Angel Army Signature
Icon to be used by Angel Army members
Review Icon for Angel Army members

Sigs from GeminiStar

The WDC Army Angels
The WDC Army Angels
Group Angel Army Signature

Sigs from mysofthearts

Angel Army Signature 6
Angel Army Signature 9

Sig from Katherine

Angel Bear Banner - A Gift from Katherine76! ^_^

Sig from Riot
An Angel Army signature by Riot.


Animated WDC Angel Signature for Premium Members
WDC Army Angel Signature (Animated)
Animated Angel from Jacinda Hope
Animated Signature for Premium Members


Holiday Signatures!  (E)
Holiday Images for Angel Army Members!
#1505414 by iKïyå§ama

Webset designed by Ladyoz

Graphics designed by KiyaSama

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