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by jaya
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A great reason to live.
A Reason To Live

When at the break of the day,
I start walking towards the hills,
their cascading green soothes my senses.
I hug the emerald ranges in my mind.

My heart glows at the vocal silence
enveloping the earth, the sky and me!
The gently flowing stream, the song
of a parakeet from the dense forest,

praise the grandeur of God’s creation.
In those golden moments when nature
blooms, as the soft sun slowly awakens her,
I see I have a reason to live, basking in her glory.

The beauty and blessing of Mother Nature,
her indwelling peace and her fathomless patience,
her love and affection for my fellow beings, and me
provide me with a singular reason to live. 

First Place Winner of Round 103.
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