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This is an attempt at a short story.

A memory flow enhances a thought pattern of summary, soon to be acknowledged as a thick response. It instills a transaction for noting a reply.

To waive the overabundance from this way of thinking, we have to forego the excessive anxiety perfection has created. By relinquishing the guard we've put on ourselves, we can overturn the excessive anxiety by diminishing it. By putting forth the effort, we can tell ourselves to relax. By not worrying half as much as we did, we can strive for perfection.

Day or night, the best way to formulate an idea in a systematic way, is to predominately write down a thought Immediately after an inspiration strikes, so the thoughts won't go away or disappear.

A semicolon or a comma is needed to separate thoughts and ideas. Due to the fact of stopping abruptly, run-on sentences seem to be unclear. The benefit of the doubt gives the best mind a place for recollection and pause. In consideration, an idea that is totally complete, is bound to take off.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015
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