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A Love Poem, Free Verse
I have watched you
Dancing in the dark
Loving yourself, being free
My heart has whispered your name
My words have flown by your ear
Brushing up close, but never in fear
I have held your soul gently in my hands
Singing it softly
I have touched your life
In so many ways
But you do not see me
You never have

You but know I am there
In the dark of the night
When you clutch the air
For that gentle touch
That sweet caress
That love lullaby
By which you are blessed
Cry my name, through all age and time
And I am there
Never doubt my love, my love
For you have come far
Through calm and through storm

Let yourself see me
Let your heart touch mine
Lift your voice to the sky
I am there
Turn your gaze inward
Feel everything
You are safe by my side

Let go of my hand now
Let go
And know
I am always there for you
Ask me
And whatever the question
The answer is always the same
I hold you in my light
I hold you in my heart
I hold you in my soul
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