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A character list for the "Bad Movie Trips" series books. Based on family members IRL.
1. Brother #1: Nicknamed "Lardo"
Is morbidly obese and likes to eat a ton of food whenever he gets angry, bored, or upset. Has recently married his girlfriend with two kids. Is a huge wrestling fan, and often likes to talk a lot of trash and threatens to fight a lot, even though he can't fight worth a flip.

2. Brother #2: Nicknamed "Alchy"
Lives in a run down trailer in the middle of the woods. Has serious anger issues and drinks quite often, especially when upset, angry, or is preparing for a fight. Likes to start a fight more often then the weather changes, but is pretty much skin and bones.

3. Brother #3: Nicknamed "Angry Farmer"
Once lived in a very nice, two story home, but ended up losing it when it got seized due to failure to pay his bills and taxes. Now his family lives in a pick-up truck. Does farm work for a living. Often gets mad and spews racial slurs left and right. Tends to get patriotic around people he deems to be "terrorists."

4. Sister: Nicknamed "Psychopath"
Once lived in a trailer that was owned by her late father, but now lives in a Mexican-American family's household where she pays them rent. Lost her late father's trailer when it got seized due to failure to pay bills and taxes. Has 4 sons, 2 who are currently in jail. Has severe mental illnesses and often tell tall tales. She also often hallucinates such as Taliban terrorists and the ghost of her late father. Gets quite angry when accused of doing drugs.
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