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A little award I give to stories that, you know, thrill me!
         I've never been much of a writer. I do, however, love to read a short story with a bite, and I'm discovering that WdC is a place where a lot of those are shared. On my bio page, I have implored the writers of WdC to thrill me, and presented here is a personal "rogue's gallery" of those who have done just that. These earned 5-star reviews and come highly recommended!

September Thrills:

A Letter to God  (ASR)
based on a dream
#2195132 by K5Rakitan

The Voice On The Back Of The Wind  (13+)
At first, I'd only hear the wind--or the dog.
#2299336 by Intuey-Moving

wearing my body  (13+)
a prose poem on the ownership of my own body
#2288920 by Charlie Carrol

Nunsense  (E)
A young priest and a nun join forces to rescue a young boy.
#2304803 by Allen Mitchell

Stained Lipstick  (13+)
I wrote this last October for my creative writing class. I hope you enjoy :)
#2304645 by A.C. Julie

Campfire Tale  (E)
A father-son camping trip goes off the rails
#2304375 by Allen Mitchell

Alive (Nightmare)  (18+)
Episode. pt 1- A man who's lost everything, walks a path toward vengeance...
#2304126 by Daniel Parker
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