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my first writing on here, got a prompt to write a story of the letter M and i wrote a poem
In the midst of midnight's gentle hush,
Midst meadows where the moon's soft blush,
A melody of M unfurls its wings,
A mystic dance that the nightfall brings.

Majestic mountains touch the sky,
Their mighty peaks, aspirations high,
A mural painted with memories past,
A mosaic of moments, shadows cast.

Murmuring rivers in moonlit grace,
Meander through a tranquil space,
Reflecting the magic of the midnight moon,
In ripples of silver, a melodic tune.

Mysteries wrapped in a moonbeam's glow,
Mirthful whispers that softly grow,
In the heart of the night, the muse takes flight,
A symphony of M, a lullaby of light.

Marvels of the universe, a celestial map,
Marking moments with a silent clap,
A letter woven in the fabric of the night,
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