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Queen oliva has escaped from Marissa's clutches.
Queen Marissa true queen
Mest Cardinal the guard at the gqte
Coke Just vice regency's aid
Jules Might Vice regency
Queen Oliva false queen
Carcreea Bishop

Tabor Calto Majestraite
Tim Micka Queen;sGuard
Jacka. MIter False queen;'s guard
Ben Heoix The true queen's guard
Tailor Sant False queen's aid

         The guards saw the coach arrive at the royal house, The guards looked unnerved seeing the

royal coach arrive there. The guards converged on the door to the coach, the door to the coach

opened. The queen emerged from the coach, the guards recoiled in horror seeing her here. They

stepped back to allow the guards to escort her into the royal entrance.

         The guards rode through the gate and over the porticus to get inside the gates. The coach

stopped a moment the guard at the drawbridge looked at the coach. He saw the window of the

coach move its curtain and he saw the queen as she sat there in the coach.

         Queen Marissa smiled.

         The guard returned her smile.

         Meat knew the coach arrived at the royal house, The guards looked unnerved seeing the

royal coach arrive there. The guards converged on the door to the coach, the door to the coach


         The guards stepped away from the door to the Royal entrance, they lifted their weapons to

allow the persons to emerge from the coach. They saw the King's guards emerge from within the

coach then they saw someone dressed in a fur cape, this person's hands were covered in cocktail

gloves, This persons hair was long and fell to this persons shoulders. The person held the cape

closed about the body. The guards saw a high heeled boot on its feet.

         The guards were confused upon seeing these boots, the King's gaurd stepped into the

person's path emerging from the coach, Sir Grey dismounted and walked toward the coach as the

people who were guarding the royal doors moved away from the doors. He said, "Move away. Allow

her highness to come into your presence. Queen Marissa has returned here."

         The guards seemed puzzled hearing this. They brought their weapons down to protect the

door from these miscreants, who dared to say, that the Queen has arrived here from somewhere

else. She was here already, she was in her chamber/

         Measal said as he looked at the unwavering eyes of Sir Grey.'The queen is here. she is in

the castle."

         "What are you saying to me. I have the Queen with me," Sir Grey said as he looked into the

face of this guard who dared to say this to him, he grimaced as he heard these words spill from his


         "What ballderdash is this?" Measal said as he closed his hands on his weapon in his hands.

"Stop where you are?"

         "We have the queen," Sir Grey said as he began to move toward the person wearing the

cape and the boots that looked to be a woman's boot.

         The guards moved toward the KIng's guards to stop them from moving into the castle.

         The figure dressed in the blue cape, and the highheeled boots. Her voice had broke the

slience, she said, "You dare to speak to us as if we are curs, I am the Queen. Hear my voice as I

speak to you. Listen to my words, You dare to suggest I am not the queen!"

.          "Sir Grey. Where were you. Since you've been away from here?" Measel stopped

speaking, his mouth hung a gape. the blood drained from his face, stepped away from where he

stood. he recognised that voice. "How could she be here. I know she is in the room where we have

left her."

         "Go and get the viceroy." Sir Grey said as he looked into the guard's eyes and saw the

recognition of him not realising that they been duped into believing the woman who presided in the

castle was not her.

         "The viceroy would have our heads on a platter if we wake him at an hour such as this. You

know he will do this, won't he?" Measel said looking at his guards, he said,"Wake the Queen's aid at

this moment. Leave Viceroy alone at the moment."

         After a few minutes Coke came down the hallway grumbling under his breath, there was a

frown on his face, rubbing his eyes to rub the sleep from them and said,"What do you mean, the real

queen is and has been here all this while."

         Queen Marissa stepped out of the darkness to be engulfed in the radiant light that came from

within the hall way. Lord Coke froze, he blinked his eyes. His voice caught in his throat, he shuddered

as he looked at the Queen dressed in a blue fur lined cape. He said, "Your majesty, I thought you

were here." He bowed.

         "No. I was not, Someone lied to us both!" Queen Marissa said as she walked out of the

coach her escort closed the portion to allow the queen to enter the royal house.

         Coke was sweating now. He looked worried, how they had been duped by the viceroy who

had arranged this for to have happened. The guards raced down the hallway to capture the queen

who had taken her place in the kingdom.

         The guards at the bedchamber where the fake queen was. Looked startled as the guards

who looked frightened, the guards who had arrived there with their weapons drawn. The guards at

the Queen's bedchamber were puzzled by the arrival of the KIng's guards; they proceeded to defend

the false queen and stepped into the wake of the guards with their weapons drawn to stop the

guards from getting in there.

         Tabor said , "Lower your weapons. You will be placed under arrest." He drew up his

blunderbuss and pointed at the guards they were facing. Cocked the hammer, and he looked at the

guards opposing him.

         The guard saw him do this, He dropped his sword and shield on the ground, and said, "Lower

our weapons. We do not wish to die."

         Tabor's guards made their way into the bed chamber, they looked about the room, seeing

one there. Tabor walked out into the hall to speak to the guards impersonating them. He said,

"Where is the false Queen?"

         "I don't know what you are talking about?" Coke said. his skin paled, he toppled to the floor.

         Sir Grey raced to his side, saw his chest rise and fall/He slapped his face. Coke awakened

there was a look of confusion on his face. Sir Grey said, "Get him some water."

         Coke asked,"What is the matter?" Then he looked at who the guards were escorting to the

chamber. He dropped his glove to the floor, his eyes were wide with horror. He could not believe

what he was seeing. The Queen is here. That is impossible. We've been guarding the Queen

haven't we?

         Sir Grey looked at him and he did not believe what Coke had said. 'He should have known

what they have done to do this.' He said, "So, even the house guard were not told of the switch."

         "What is the meaning of this? Who is this impostor?" Coke declared as he saw her

approach, everything about her was exactly what he had seen beforehand.

         The next morning, the herald Meek walked into the street to blow on his horn to attract

attention to him, he held a scroll in his hands. After having blown the horn twice, the people began to

emerge from their houses to see him standing there.

         The bishop Carcreea was awakened by the guards of the queen, He grumbled as he came

out of his chamber to see what was happening yet, He looked at his guards as they stood there at

the door, with a letter from the scribe to present it to him.’

         The bishop looked at the guards, and asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

         “It's a letter from Lady Marissa the first,” the guard of the bishop declared.

         “You mean, Queen Marissa the first. Has sent a letter, is she well.” the bishop said.

         “Well, she is here! In the castle in fact?" The guard who spoke laughed and swung his empty

hand at the bishop’s shoulder.

         The bishop smiled, “Why didn’t you tell me this first?”

         The guard grinned back, and said, “I hadn’t thought of doing this?”

         The bishop walked into the alleyway, to advance toward the street, the guards formed an

escort for him to advance forward toward the royal house. The guards there stood as formidable as


         They parted as the bishop walked toward the door, as his escort moved to allow him to enter

the house.

         The bishop looked relieved upon seeing her in the Queen's chamber. He recognised Sir Grey

Arm as he stood there in the chamber. His eyes were wide with disbelief he could not recognise the

true Queen as she sat there, having her hair combed. She looked at him, there was a hint of

recognition on her face, a hint of a smile appeared on her face, her eyes sparkled with a light that

was hers alone.

         The Bishop knelt down to kiss her ring. He looked into her eyes, Sir Grey stood there

watching as he did this with a look of approval on his face. He approached the bishop to step

between them both. He sat down before her, he said, "Your majesty, it is good to see you. I know that

you arrived last night, I apologise for not coming to you, when you arrived."

About Noon, the herald lifted his bugle to his lips to blow it twice, and he than began as he looked at

the document that the scribes wrote for him to read. He smiled, as he began,"I say, Here ya. Here ya!

The queen Marissa the first Lady Marissa has returned long may she rule. I say, Her sovereignty is

aligned with the stars,She is our rightful ruler. long may she rule Hail the queen, Long may the queen

rule, My lady, Hear the accolades of your people listen with thy ears. She will speak from her


         The people here screamed and cheered that the queen had returned to the kingdom. They

headed toward the castle's balcony where she would speak from, they looked to the balcony, thinking

perhaps she would be there shortly. They looked confused about the possibility that the queen was

an impostor. How could they have done this? How could we have been fooled by this charade?

         "The queen was going to speak." a member of he crowd said as they waited with baited

breath to hear her voice, the scribe walked into the terrace to speak. He wore finery that was a satin

rich blue colour, his hair fell to his shoulders, he smiled as he turned to face the true queen there.

She wore a gown with sky blue fabric, and sequins on her head was her crown. She smiled at her

people, put her hands in her lap.

\          The scribe began “l say, She is to ascend the throne, She has returned, The Beautiful

Marissa Our saviour, She will protect our sovereignty and our kingdom from vile accusations by

Oliva By the acting Queen The queen Olivia has stolen the throne,She has brought others into the

kingdom. They have deposed the true queen, Soiled the flag of regency. Her heart is black with

cancer. These beings poisoned our people's heart.with their words callous. Hail Marissa. The queen

had returned, She has been victorious, May peace reign in the kingdom. The evil ruler has been

abdicated from the throne, Hail the queen, Marissa the first”

         The populace are in the courtyard looking up at the queen and her scribe who was speaking

on her behalf.

         In the next instance when he finished speaking. The Queen began to rise from her seat to

speak to the peons, She looked into their faces, she smiled, She cleared her throat and drew in a

breath of air to begin to speak,"My people. I have returned from my journey away from you. I am

sorry about the error we had made in putting her in place of me, I will begin to change the mistakes

she has made in the kingdom. She is responsible for the tyranny that you have been facing thanks to

viceroy and his counsel taking this place from me and the king, I am going to have her charged with

these crimes that she has caused to happen, They will pay."

          The populace cheered and threw their hats into the air. They danced in merriment of their

ruler’s return. She saw their faces as they smiled as she spoke to them, They created a chorus of

shouts to answer her words. They were pleased, dancing in the streets.

         The guards seemed at ease with her arriving here. The guards tried to capture her. The

woman occupied the throne that they had given her. The populace did not know why this had

happened. They had been told of this happening.

         The vice regency put her in place, by the letter of the king who had been duped into putting

her there in their king;s absence as well as the queen, The vice regency has been told that if they did

this then there would be no war.

         The other ruling body who asked for her to take their place, was trying to cause them to do

this. The faction was attempting to cause them to do this. The other party had been making inroads

into their kingdom, they has been able to blockade the water of our kingdom, They allowed the

blockades to loosen so as that supplies could be brought in if the vice regent was to put their queen

on our throne.

         She opposed our religious order, and tried to topple the religious house. Our BIshop opposed

the rulings of the queen who was on the throne until today, but were unable to quash the behaviour of

her doing this.

          The watch has been attacking the bishops in the streets. This had not happpened at least

eight years ago but were happening ever since eight years ago. These details were given to Queen

Marissa in the morning by members of the clergy as they were told that she had arrived here.

         Her majesty was willing to sanction the religion to take up their rightful place in the

kingdom, The scribe smiled when he saw her arrive,

"We don't know where they had gone? we don't know where they had gpne
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