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Imagine a man is in a sports career. He falls and gets back up. He loves his sport.
In the life of strife, where spirits embrace,
Competing souls find solace, a delicate grace.
Trudging the length, a slow-paced race,
Mirrors reflect their journey, challenges they face.

Meet their gaze, where arrows align,
Seizing the moment, a dance so divine.
Through a narrow realm, a decree untold,
Pharaoh's whispers guide, a story unfolds.

Not just a tale, but a tree's silent plea,
Some may perceive, a narrative to be.
A sapling that rises with courage untamed,
To fall like a vase, briefly maimed.

Yet, from the shards, resilience blooms,
A rise from the fall, destiny resumes.
Earns a rose, a token profound,
To spend on a dine, victories crowned.

Either way, swinging on life's vine,
A quest for triumph, a rhythm, a sign.
Seeking victory's tune, a celestial chime,
In life's grand competition, a timeless rhyme.
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