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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2313499
what happened when they tried to arrest Meeko.
Ruc Galida Watch commander
Harold Huna Watch member

Meeko an assailent

Sir Grey Arm KIng's guard

Another person from his land had gotten thrown into the arena some time ago, This person

fought his way out of the arena, most other people did not wish to fight him.The Watch knew this.

They had come prepared for him, with a huge weighted net.

         Ruc saw him as he walked into the tavern, he saw the members standing there. They smiled

as he moved further inside the tavern, they lifted the net and threw it at him. The people near this ran

away as soon as they saw the net make its appearance.

         Meeko had the net fall over him, he was slowly driven to his knees. He glared at them, he

tried to lift his head, so he could look into their faces. He said, "What is the meaning of this being

done to me? There has to be a reason for you to have done this to me."

         The dragon tattoo began to glow, The net began to fall away from his body, The tethered

pieces broke a part where the knots were all that remained of them. Meeko shook off the knots his

muscles began to grow in mass.

         Meeko now stood fifteen feet tall, his back was hitting the ceiling of the tavern, his arms were

huge. He drove a fist toward the members throwing the net on him. It caught the largest member in

the chest. He was driven back like a nail beneath a hammer's head. He left the floor, his feet were

bent backwards as he tried to stand, both of his arms were flung away from his body.

         Harold threw a spear at him, Meeko batted it out of the air almost as if it had been nothing to

hit him. The spear was driven to the right, the point tore into the floor. The people in the tavern turned

toward where the spear had come from to see this monster growing in size, its back were cracking

the ceiling dust and debris had begun to fall from Meeko’s back/ Their eyes were huge, their skin

began to grow paler by the instance, The muscle mass was huge, It looked three times the biggest

man's muscle mass. He grew three times as large as he was.His thumb was the size of Rick's hand

in scale.

         The serving girl raced out the door, the bar kept lifting a mace from where he usually had it

left in case it was needed, Now, it seemed was a time when it was most assuredly needed. He

vaulted over the bar to arrive on the floor before the giant of a man, He swung the mace with all his

might. It crashed against the side of his shoulder, There was a gash made by the mace striking his


         He spun around to see who was attacking him. When the mace was lifted there came a

geyser of blood from the wound, Meeko grabbed his shoulder, to try and force the skin back to where

it should be on him. Blood ran between his fingers as he tried to close the wound, his jade green

eyes were darts. He said,"What is going on here? I am a citizen of this kingdom aren't I. I shouldn't be

treated as a common criminal. Should I? Is my money no longer good here?”

         He took another step toward Harold, his right hand was swung toward Harold, the hand

missed him, but the force of the blow had Harold back up again from the wind speed of the monster

toward him. Harold swung his sword into his enemy;s path. He grazed its arm, the circular things on

its arm flew off it. To shower over the ground, He saw a trickle of blood appear there where the

sword’s edge touched down on it.

         Its left hand drove him backwards into the wall There was an imprint of its fist on Harold’s

right side of his chest, Harold fell from where he was standing. Blood and there were white

projections from his chest cavity on his right set of his chest, it sank four inches in depth.

         The other members of the Watch appeared at the door, A few drew arrows to shoot it with,

The arrows bounced off it. IT twisted his head and began to advance toward them. A few threw

spears at it, they sank into its hide, blood ran from the blades of these spears, to run onto the floor.

         A few members charged toward it. It turned to face them, they cut it with their swords,

drawing blood from its body. One of the members hacked off his hand from its wrist. IT brought its

other hand toward the member who cut off its hand. This hand hit him a glancing blow on his

shoulder, he was driven to his knees. Flames leapt from its maw.

         Another member had a bicep on the side that had been used to attack his friend. The radius

bone was visible there. It whirled about, Tearing through the ceiling with its body’s mass. THe

member who cut into its bicep stepped warily back from where he was standing. The hand flew past

him as if it was a blur. He was pulled off his feet, by the violence of the wind from its hand.

         It closed the distance between the member who cut off his hand and it. It spun around to

attack the other man holding the sword that cut its arm. Blood jettisoned into the air. He toppled from

where he stood to the ground. His body began to recede back into his original form.

         “What the hell was he?” Harold asked as he lifted himself from where he had fallen. Blood ran

from the gashes in his skin/ His sword fell from his hand to arrive on the floor, the patrons crowded

the entranceway as did the other members of the Watch.

         "I sure as hell don't know!" Ruc said as he stepped toward Harold to try and lift him into a

sitting position.

         The other members of the watch, looked at the mess. Harold had stopped it from being able

to harm anyone else, they were fortunate. They did not know what had happened. There was no way

that this could have happened but it did.


         The man that Sir Grey had captured glared at him, The guards in the jail cell got him to

remove his garments, his skin had a faint yellow hue to it. He had an odd assortment of edged tools

or weapons on him. There were things with barbs on every side of them, but in the middle, there

were holes in the surface of this object. There was a flat metal object with a portion that was slightly

raised and some eggs.

He did not speak, Once he was captured. He had the appearance of the man who was in the

arena and worked his way out of it. Sir Grey arm noticed that he had a faint outline on his skin of

scales and the black outline of a reptile, Sir Grey was puzzled by the appearance of these things on

his skin. He did not know who he was, or where he was from.

          The members of the watch lying in wait for Meeko to appear in the tavern he seemed to have

brokered some magical powers,he came from somewhere else. It was across the waters in some

distant land, he could use his hands or feet to fight.


         The four of the people in the carriage looked at the man who had approached them. He smiled

as he took Jules by the hand. "I know what you need, and when I can get it to you?"

.          "How do I know you can do this for me,' Jules said as he hugged the man. As he stepped back

he put a coin purse full of gold into his hands/

         ''Your man certainly knows how to fight, I will give him that,' the man said and stepped back

as he accepted the purse.

         "What do you mean, he knows how to fight. Well he certainly showed that he did this, Didn't he!"

he said as he looked at his friend,

         Oliva said, "Shouldn't we head back to the carriage and get a moving."

         "I don't think, we have to leave now. We expect that the kingdom is going to be looking for her

killer, not her, Certainly not to do this. The kingdom will allow her back to throne." Jules said.'

         "We are to stay here." Oliva said.

"What Jules had been doing?
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