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Another fun Daily Flash Fiction prompt/winner. Garbled communication at its best.
         Sydney came up for air. Well, she stopped tapping at her keyboard and inhaled a deep breath. For several minutes now her cellphone had been chirping indicating she had received new messages. Personal devices were not exactly kosher in the office, but she had to sneak a peak. Someone seemed persistent.
         A frown furrowed her face as she read the latest item blinking at her from its screen. Did you receive your surprise? Do you like it?
         Shaking her head Syd opened a previous message. Hi. Are you not checking your phone? Did you see it?
         It? What it? Now she couldn't help but be curious. She scrolled up to several more messages. Somebody sure wanted her attention.
         Her thumbs flickered across the keys of her phone and she sent a simple reply. Who is this?
         She thought she heard a ping chime nearby and Syd glanced around the room. Everyone seemed focused on their own computer screens. Constant click-clacking echoed.
         Her cellphone vibrated in her hand .Guess. Was this a game? She had no idea and absolutely no clue who was doing this.
         Pursing her lips, Sydney composed another question. Could you help me out?
         Read my first message.
         Okay, she could and did do that. You have my harbour. Here is a box of chowder to show my feebles. Sent from cupboard.
         The chortle burst from Syd and startled a few co-workers. One in particular scowled at her.
         Hey whoever you are, a heads up. Do you use autocorrect?
         Again she studied the other office workers and waited. After a short lull her phone notified Syd of a new text.
          OMG! I did not type that, honest. I wrote this: You have my heart. Here is a box of chocolate to show my feelings. Sent from your Cupid.
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