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son dies, father cries, mother weeps, i lay may soul to sleep
One soul, given pure salvation,
In the cradle of love, a precious creation.
with tiny fingers and innocent eyes,
A gift from above, a blessing in disguise

Yet fate can be cruel, and hearts can break,
As life hard reality, we must partake.
A son so dear, now taken away,
Leaving behind a void that will forever stay

Mothers weep, their grief is profound
Their memories, they shout
Their arms ache to hold them near
But he's gone. No longer here,

Fathers cry, their tears fall like rain
Anguish and sorrow hit the man like a train
Memories flood his weary mind
Laughter and joy, now left behind

Questions linger, haunting their days,
What could have been, in countless ways?
Regrets and wishes, torment their hearts,
For though he's gone
His spirit remains
I pray the lord, my soul to keep.

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