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What the towns people as the Pope's army began to march toward where their new enemies lay
         The Pope looked at the map showing where the kingdom of Mateast lay. Its border met his with a river making up much of the border in this region, the mountains rose from where the river was fed by the snow capped mountains that are there. The river was swift with white water. The water's basin was a jagged rocky surface, the sped of the water kept no moss to grow there.

         He lifted a pin from where they rested, he drove it down on the table near the water's edge. He knew where the castle of the Mateast lay it was on the highest mountain there. His people have been their friends for years, now the dead body ended this. He had heard the words that told him of his son's death. They darkened his soul.

         An aid walked toward him, as he stepped back from the map, the aid looked at what he had done. The aid was confused as he saw the pins being brought there. He looked at the Pope, he felt he should ask the Pope what he was doing. But knew he had best keep his questions to himself,

         The aid walked out the door to find the birders to tell him what the Pope was wanting to do, The birder looked at the aid and asked, If the aid was correct in saying this to him. He was fearful of what the Pope was doing. The aid said, "He was sure."

         The birder was afraid of what the Pope was proposing to do. He wanted to kill the people who were responsible for the death of his son. He suspected that all was not before his eyes. There was a suspicion that the people responsible for the death, he believed that they weren't the people pulling the strings to cause the death of him. The birder had heard rumors that the Queen has just returned there, she hasn;t been there long enough for her to have put up this warrant that caused him to die.


         Grey Arm was fearful of what would happen once the Pope found out about the death of the his son. Sir Grey looked at the face of the Queen as she wrestled with the problem before them. What could they do about this having happened.

         Grey Arm glared at the face of a soldier who walked into the chamber where they were at the moment, he told him that they have a concern with the people who are able to do The people are aware of the bounty put on the heads of the merchants they were dealing with
it did not make sense, Why would you want to kill the people who were aiding you.

         Also the bounty on the queen did not make sense, but it did to those who attending the meeting at the castle, or heard the words of the herald as he spoke of this to have happened here. They were aware of the dangers that he presented to them by the words of the true queen.

         Why were they doing this. It made no sense to the people, The Pope was angry at the people of their Kingdom.

         The Bishop seemed upset at what had happened to the Pope, he was answerible to the Pope, he could not refuse to respond to him as he should. The eagle had brought back the words from him for the Bishop to act upon. He was afraid of what he was proposing to do. The Bishop was insistance in responding to these words given to him. He closed his fist to try and quell the fear that he was feeling as the meaning of those words chilled the blood in his very veins.

         The Bishop looked at the guards who walked about the streets of the castle with dread. They have been told that the church is not to be attacked. The Priests and others of the church are the people's friends. But the words that the Pope directed to him said, That he should not look upon them as friends, but as enemies of the church."

         It defied come on sense, that they should believe that the people of this kingdom would want to harm his son. The Pope has to be reasoned with, it made no sense. The other ruler had been attacking the Pope's people in the kingdom but they had left the kingdom. He knew that they had.

         From the KIng's guard, he had heard these words that were spoken by him to the Bishop's ears.


{indent) A lord brought in a petition to the royal house. The guards at the palace stopped him from entering where the Royalty presently was. The Lord screamed, "Do you not recognise me, you bloody serf. If you want to trade fists with me. Fine!"

         "What is the meaning of this tirade," Teamer said as he shoved the noble back from them.

         The noble began to throw his right fist at the guard, who brought up his hand to grasp the hand of the noble. The noble kicked the guard in the thigh and he said. "Demand to see the queen, Do you not hear my voice. PIg!"

         "Yoy dare to strike a gaurd of the Queen, I will have you hung by a noose till your dead!" the guard said. as he began to throw his own guantlet at the noble's face. It caught him in the mouth. Blood spilled from his mouth to rain on the stairway to the royal palace.

          The guard released the noble's wrist as he fell to his knees.

         Sir Grey stormed into the sheriff's office, He threw the posters that he had found in the woods that told the population to attack these men. Sir Grey snarled, "What is the meaning of these posters. Do you know who these people are?"

         "Can't say that I do. Why? What's wrong?" the sheriff said as he brought his hand down on the posters without looking at them, he smiled.

         "They are nobles, who are needed alive to bring us their ruler's favor to us. Don'r you understand this matter. We need their aid. Do you hear me?" Sir Grey said. he closed his massive fist, He wanted to hammer the sheriff with it, "Why do you not understand what I am saying to you?"

         Jorden dressed in a scarlet jacket, with a white blouse, and a grey sash was about his waist, a foil hung from his sash, he stopped as entered the room, seeing the huge form of Sir Grey standing there looking at the man who the noble knew as the sheriff. He was surprised seeing the King's guard here. He opened his mouth and quickly closed it. His hand fell on Sir Grey's shoulder.

          Sir Grey whirled about to see who had touched him, He wore a frown, until he recognised the face. He said,"Jorden , why are you here?"

         "Tiber was killed, in the street by an archer, He was slain because of this," Jordan said as he handed Sir Grey the poster of Jorden's face on it.

         Sir Grey froze, he blinked. He said, "You know who Jordan is don't you?"

         The sheriff stepped back he looked into the picture of Jorden's face. He flinched, and did not know what he was doing on a wanted poster. He was a noble, he did not walk in the path that would put him there.

"Jordan has died
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