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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2316389
The King meets Angelina for a cure for Carter's headaches at the Capital.

The King and Queen of Dale sat in the Great Hall room on their giant thrones of silver and gold. The exquisite seats were rigid and sterile, putting undue pressure on their posteriors. The King and Queen would only subject themselves to this torture for honor guests or special occasions.

"Give me a soft bed or chair anytime," said the King to his Queen. The Queen laughed as the ornate Grand Hall doors opened. A tall knight in golden armor walked in, followed by three Capital guards.

"Angelina!" said the King as she walked in. He wanted to stand up and hug her, but his wife looked at him peculiarly, so he stayed seated.

"King Dorien, I bring you news from the Captial," said Angelina as she bowed down.

"What news do you bring, Angelina?" asked Queen Lorien.

"Queen, I have a note from the Capital," said Angelina as she handed the note to one of the King's guards. She walked it up to the Queen. The King had a rather stupid look on his face as he kept watching Angelina.

"Captain Angelina. It's nice to see you again," said Queen Lorian as the message was handed to her.

"Thank you, Queen. I like it on this side of the woods," she said with a smile.

"My proposal still stands, Angelina," blurted out the King. The King found her to be wonderful and aloof.

"What would that be, King?" asked Angelina.

"To be my wife and live in a lap of luxury," said the King. The Queen looked over at him. She didn't mind him finding other wives, but he was almost shamefully begging her at this point. Angelina has turned him down hundreds of times.

"Would that lap of luxury be your lap, King Dorian?" said Angelina sarcastically.

The King just shook his head up and down and smiled.

"I am married to my job, your Highness," said Angelina as she bowed down. She didn't want to tell him that the man or woman she would end up with would have to be stronger than she was. The King was old, pathetic, and weak.

Angelina was tall for a Cambian, about five-heads and four-fingers tall, and even with the armor on, she had a curvy body. She was also very muscular and had blonde hair that wandered down the front of her armor, reaching her belly. Her face was the best part of her. It was almost angelic.

"Of course, of course. What is it you have for me?" said the King.

"An invitation from a scientist named Doctor Tech, who has a cure for chronic headaches called anti-vex. She said she can help your newest daughter with her headaches," said the Queen as she read the note.

"That is wonderful news!" exclaimed the King.

"I am to accompany your daughter back to the Capital if you agree," said Angelina. Her blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

"We will send her at once," said the King.

"I also have a note from the, uhm... Great... King Leonis. He wants to invite you to a wedding. His twentieth wife, a milestone," said Angelina as she handed the other note to the King's guard. King Leonis wanted her to add a lot of grandiose adjectives to his name in her introduction, but she just couldn't.

"Oh, I don't know. We have a newborn and our other children," said the King. He looked over towards his wife for help.

"I think you should go, Father," said Princess Mary. The King looked behind him and smiled. Princess Mary was standing with Regent Blackmore.

"I agree. It's been ages since you've been to the Capital. You've been stuck in this Grand Hall for ages," said the Regent.

"Oh really? What about the baby," said the King.

"Caroline and I will take care of her, Father. We will also have her mother, consorts, and the dozens of nannies you hired to help," said Princess Mary.

He looked at the ground for a second and then stole a long gaze at Angelina. His brain was putting together mock sexual encounters he could have with Angelina on this trip.

"By nature, I'll do it. It has been a while since we went somewhere, hasn't it, my love," said the King, turning his face towards his Queen.

"Yes, I look forward to it," said the Queen.

"Wonderful! We will leave tomorrow morning at dawn. By your leave," said Angelina as she genuflected.

The Queen waved her off and looked back at her husband. He always went crazy for Angelina and couldn't contain himself.

Angelina turned around and walked out the door with her three other guards.

The King watched as she walked out, and a smile came to his face.

"Caroline, tell your sister, Camille, we're going to the Capital for a cure," said the Queen.

"Can it be someone else, Mother?" asked Caroline. Her feelings towards Carter have been complicated since she learned about his little secret and her courtship arrangement. She had always been in control. If anyone discovers he is a male, she will be relegated to Queen instead of King. She did love him—if she was capable of love.
"No, she's your wife-to-be," said Queen Lorien.

"Yes, mother," said Caroline. She fought with Carter last night in the bath, ignoring him and becoming jealous. She had decided to teach him a lesson and kissed Angelina before him. Angelina, being the old, horny woman that she is, reciprocated the kiss. Caroline and her guards then went out drinking with her, leading to other things she wasn't happy about.

"He'll forgive me," she whispered to herself.
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