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4 Limericks for "Lucky Limerick Contest"
There once was a doctor from Dover,
Whose patients' complaints made him bend over.
With pills by the ton,
He'd say, "Take one, then run!"
For his bedside manner was never over.

A librarian from the city of Lynn,
Had a library filled to the brim.
With books of all kinds,
She'd say, "Expand your minds!"
And her knowledge would make heads swim.

In a forest where mushrooms could talk,
There roamed a peculiar gawk.
With eyes big and round,
It would hop with a bound,
And its antics would leave you in shock.

There once was a car full of rust,
Whose engine had long turned to dust.
With a sputter and whine,
It refused to align,
And its wheels groaned with every thrust.
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