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Do we dare? Writer's Cramp entry - 25 lines
You picked me up
Late one summer night
The heat of the day still heavy in the air
Heavy enough for me to wear my hair up
Although you told me you like when it hangs down my back

You want to touch.

The chat sessions we’ve had
Over the last few months
Blossoms into something more real
Something we’ve discussed
So many times before

Do we touch?

In your car
On that night
Far from the prying eyes
Of your spouse
And of mine

We touch.

It’s winter now
The heat of summer a distant memory
Chat sessions fly fast between us
The sound of your voice on the phone better still
A blush blossoms pink on my cheeks

Pick me up in your car.

I want to touch again.

25 lines

Write a story or poem using these four prompt words: car, blossoms, heat, chat Be sure to make the prompt words either bold or colorized.

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