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This is a story about parents and their expectation from their chidren.
NB-English is not the first language of the author.

Ramesh had been leading a contented life with his wife Prabha and two children Sudheer and Sarita. Both children were good at their studies. The first son was born after 10 years of marriage. Sarita was three years younger than her brother. Sudheer was born following a long wait and prayers. He was a special child to his parents. Though knowingly they did not differentiate between children. Sarita felt her mother was a little partial towards her brother. She also loved her brother very much. So she did not feel bad about the small preferential treatment given to the brother by her mother. However, she teased her mother for this. Whenever the mother would serve food to Sarita and Sudheer together, Sarita would complain, "See, Maa! You have poured more ghee on the rice of brother. Mother would laugh and give some more ghee to her also.
Ramesh and Prabha had great plans and expectations for their son. They cared for Sarita also, but they were more concerned about her marriage when she would reach marriageable age. Career and education were secondary in Sarita's case. However, they never discouraged Sarita from her studies.
By and by a long period elapsed. Sudheer was now studying in B.SC and preparing for the joint entrance examination for engineering. Ramesh had admitted him to the best coaching center in the town paying a hefty fee.
There was a hostel also for outside students. Sudheer made friends with some students who were staying in the hostel. Sudheer visited the hostel, along with them. After a few days, one of them had a birthday. The leader of the hostel group was Sukumar. One day before the birthday he said to Sudheer, “Tomorrow we will be celebrating Raghu’s birthday in my room in the hostel. Raghu is giving a party. You must come.”
The next day Sudheer told his mother that he would come back late from the coaching. Ramesh was not present there at that time.
Sudheer had no idea about the nature of the party. After the coaching classes. He joined the hostel group in Sukumar’s room. The room had 10 people. Out of these ten persons, two were girls. The room had been set for the occasion. Around central table was kept in the middle surrounded by chairs. A cake, drinks, and other food items were placed on the table.
Friends prompted Raghu to cut the cake. Raghu blew out the candles and cut the cake. All clapped and sang the birthday song in the chorus. Then they started enjoying the food and drinks.
There were two types of drinks, black and white. Sudheer took a black drink, but as he brought it to his mouth, he smelled alcohol in it.
He asked, “What is this drink?”
Sukumar, “This is a Rum mixed with cola.”
Sudheer kept the glass on the table and said, “I cannot drink it.”
Sukumar, “We are students. We cannot afford a scotch. This is the best drink dear even army men prefer this,” saying he laughed. Others joined him in his laughter.
Sudheer said hesitatingly, “That is not the matter. I don’t drink alcohol.
Raghu said, “We also don’t drink except on some special occasions.”
One girl, whose name was Rosy said, “No problem. You can have wine. Meera and I are taking wine.”
Sukumar taunted, “Are you worse than girls? Drink the wine dear, especially when rosy is telling.”
Rosy gave a glass of wine to Sudheer. Sudheer could not refuse her.
After initial hesitation, Sudheer started enjoying the drink and the party.
After they finished the party and were ready to disperse, Sudheer felt his legs were not following his will. He staggered while walking.
Sukumar asked him, “Sudheer, are you okay?”
Sudheer replied, “I am fine.” He did not want to be seen as a weak person.
Sudheer came out of the hostel. The fresh air outside felt nice. He took an auto-rickshaw for going home.
When he reached home, his gait was enough to tell his story.
Ramesh and Prabha had a big shock. They didn't know how to react.

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