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What to do about the lost dog?

{center}Dead TV {/center}

Joe Lewis woke up one day
and discovered his TV
had committed suicide
over the night

Now it just a broken down
broken television
a dead piece
of useless technology.

he got up
decided it was time
to junk the TV
and get a new one,

He put on his
Oregon male uniform
Red skirt, khaki pants. a red hat
red sneakers
and went out the door.

Where he encountered
a large brown dog
who was lost and lonely
he took a lost dog inside
and gave him breakfast

Before proceeding
on his mission
to buy a new TV.

He stopped at Bi Mart
Best Buy, Walmart
and Freddie Myers.

Before buying a new TV
at Costco in Central Point

He came home
the lost dog was waiting for him.
he went inside
and set up the new smart TV.

Wondering what to do
about the a lost dog
who had adopted him
as dogs sometimes do.

Prompt words

lost dog
red hat
broken Television

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