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Raju , a student of class 9 was afraid to face his father after his examination result.
On that day the result of Raju's class IX examination was received. His father had come from the office and was sitting in the drawing-room. Raju was in his room inside. Raju's panic increased. He didn't want to be in front of him. He was afraid that he would ask for the result of the examination. He got only 80% marks. Fortunately, his class teacher had not called his parents. A student from another school had told him. In that school, the report card of the examination was given to the mother or father.

Then he would have been insulted even more when Papa would have grabbed his ear from school and brought him home, where he would be treated in a Talibani manner. Thinking about it, he shivered. His younger brother Tony had scored 95% in the seventh examination. This was another problem. If they had equal marks they would have helped each other. As soon as the father came from the office, the wicked fellow reached the father with his report card.

He had no hope of receiving any help from Mom. She had scolded him. Still, She would say to the father, "Your eldest son has done wonders. Passed with only 80% marks.” Now the voice of father assailed his ears, "Raju. Come here."

He was standing in his room. Thinking of all this. He felt dizzy and sat down on the ground. Then the father's voice came, "Raju, show your report card."

Raju got up and took the report card and stood in front of his father.

Papa looked at the report card and said with a laugh, "I don't understand the marks these days. I have never got so high marks.

Try to get better results in the future but remember marks are not everything. Neither exam is final.

Raju was happy and surprised.

In fact, given the adverse effect on the mental state of the students due to the stress of examinations and examination results. A few days ago, the school had done the counseling of the parents through e-mail and correspondence.
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