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A man like me finds meaning with the fold of each and every line of words.

Think Me Naïve
by Keaton Foster

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Such is pointless
Turned wordless
These are weapons
What I’m fighting for
Increasingly unclear
Think me naïve
I just don’t know
Or why I do
As I feel I must
But here I am
Again and again
Enslaved to words
Upon these pages
Truths betrayed
Lies the same
In between
Somehow I reside
Finding my way
As I further get lost
Think me naïve
Any blank page
Is an obtainable deity
Of my own willingness
To believe that I
Can make a sound
Enough to be heard
I do all of this
Because I must
There is a hollowness
Within this gut
A void to be filled
Increasingly deeper still
I won’t ever stop
Until I am dead
Then again
Maybe I’ll continue on
Think me naïve
Words are like stones
Sunken deeper still
Into a bottomless lake
When the shore is life
And the bottom is death
Long after me
Far beyond any of this
Maybe someone else
Will be so brave
Diving further down
Into the deepest parts
Retrieving them
Maybe they’ll see
All that was written
Painstakingly carved
Into that which will hold
Meaning long after me
Assumingly so
I prefer to think
That what I’m doing
Matters more than most
And if it does not
I won’t be here to know
But there are others
That I hope just might…

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2024

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