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by Naomi
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A Biographical Essay From My Heart
The Essence Of My Life

As I sit at the veranda right now, I am thinking of my life and all its essence. I am also thinking of my life when I was younger than today. Did I think and did I do something nicely and wisely for the future.?

When I was young, did I know the purpose of living , to learn how to cope any problem with the right attitude and understanding as well as compassion in the approach to life and life itself ? Did I believe that problems are parts of every human existence ?

The answer to these questions is a BIG YES...
I firmly believe that I can weather every storm to endure and to find joy by recognizing the good that comes through it, that in
every problem, there is a corresponding solution and mostly
to Thank GOD for Everything.


What I always knew that matters most ?
When I put my cares with bended knees into God 's powerful hands and it had given me self- confidence that comes from within, giving me the power to win in life and nothing or no
one can take it away from me.

I embrace and appreciate the wisdom that fuels my power
everyday.. I need to possess a courageous acceptance of life's truth, making my existence easy, vibrant, and harmonious., so that the bright side of life keeps loving and caring for me.

I never regret a day in my life because I believe thst good days brings me happiness while bad days gives me experience that I never stop learning as life never stop teaching me..

I never lose the vision of what this life is all about and I always
remember that I am here in this wonderful world to learn and to grow, that I am here for a purpose., and because of that I am inspired everyday to move with the best I can.

I never gave up and never will when my going gets tough. . i picked myself up everytime I feel down. I never give up for today and for the rest of my life because I believe that Triumph
makes my effort worthwhile making my capacity to endure

The skills I acquired, the knowledge I gained, and the important prospectives that I have developed, molded me into a much better me. With GOD in my life I do believe with all my heart and soul , thst no challenge is bigger than I can handle.

Very true , behind the wonderfully polished door of every life, there lies the story, and I am the Shining Star of my very own life story . Just as the rain pours on the rich and the poor, the young and the old, each one of us has a challenge to conquer, but, just as there are problems, there are also solutions to be found.

Problems and solutions must keep the people bond together not separate for each other. One must be understanding, must not be judgmental and must be more compassionate and most of all one Must Trust GOD and take my one day at a time to rejoice even in a little. bit of joyful experience, to nevet ever give up and always bear be and beat unhappiness with courage and a braveheart.

Financial and health problems do occur in my life, and I see to it to learn to get along with less and try to rest my body to serve my spirit.. Most of all to count my blessings and Pray.

I see to it that I live harmoniously with the Family circle
Meaning, my parents, my siblings and their corresponding families, my Very Own Family, with friends and relatives wherein I have many. this also includes my neighbors.
All because, a harmonious relationship with all of them surely ease the burdens of the day.

As I sit at the veranda today, I conclude that life, my life is worth living.

Thank You Lord for Everything.
God Bless this day Oh.. Lord
And All the days of my life.
In Jesus Name

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