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its about a group of outcasts, all cast out of their own home and no where to go to
Possom woke up uncomfortable and already in pain, despite what it seemed like living in the local unsanitary dumpster wasn't exactly comfortable. It was still dark outside possum sat up disappointed with his surroundings suddenly he jolted when he remembered he had something important to do. Hastily he crawled out of his dumpster and stared at the sky. The sun was just rising once every morning every day he could look up at the sky and see the sunrise. He could feel himself forget about everything the fact that they were starving, living in a dumpster, and outcasted by general society.

The sky was beautiful cotton candy pink mixed with shades of bright oranges the colors blended, astonishingly. It sort of reminded him of that one time he had accidentally snuck out into an "art museum". Whatever that was the colors, the life, the strokes the people it was all mesmerizing, or at least it was before a security guard chased him down spraying him with pepper spray. Before that moment he felt the world melt away from him.

He used to do this when he was still with his family. He was the middle child, he and his family lived in a hollowed-out cave. He recalled those were the good old days he thought to himself. It was autumn, and leaves in warm shades like red, orange, and yellow filled the forest head to toe. The air was chilly and the forest was quiet and serene. That autumn morning he and his older brother and younger sister had ventured outside of his den in search of berries. While they were searching around they would often go on little side quests and sneak on to undisclosed areas suchas the river near the city, while his brother and sister played together in a nearby
pile of leaves.

He enjoyed just staring at the tall buildings over the side of the lake, sometimes he took a stick and drew in the mud one time his brother caught him drawing the sunset he had seen that morning, you're going to be something great one day and when you do I can't wait to see you he commented. His little sister Ami popped up behind the both of them curious, wow that looks great she said with sparkles in her eyes. When I grow up I wanna be just like you you're my hero she said admiring his mud sketch!!

Raccoon got up and arched his back still half asleep, and let out a god-awful scream. Effectively snapping possum out of his daze. Jeez do you have to do that every morning possum inquired? Heh sorry you know I can't help it, Hero. Raccon's eyes lit up as he hopped out of the dumpster staring at the diner across the street. Typically people swarmed the place and the streets but luckily since it was the weekend not many folks were up yet.

Raccon's eyes opened wide glistening and his mouth was practically drooling. Possom snapped his head around, no Bandit you are not stelain not again! Whyy but im hungryyy racoon whined they deserve it you know them, why do you bother defending the same people who cast you out, and hurt you?! Possom opened his mouth clearly about to say something, but before he could. Something landed on the top of his head, AH he stumbled around startled. Whatcha talking about, Bat let out a grin, showing off his white rows of sharp teeth and fangs. N-nothing possum brushed him off. Possom looked left to right of the road.

Okay, we can't go- why bother waiting, raccoon irrationally rushed across the street standing in the middle of the road "See it's safe!!". WATCH OUT!! possum blurted out. A black jeep was just about to hit him but possom rushed to the road. But it was too late what was done was done. Thankfully the bleeding was minor but raccoon did have a slight limp. ARE YOU OKAY?! bat asked panicked. Idiot possum muttered, even though half of possom wanted to mock him and tell them they were wrong and that this was karma the other half of him knew that the poor fool was in enough pain already.

Bat gently carried him onto possom's back, you were also wrong not just me, not all humans are as good as you think. Shut up possum muttered. Finally, the crew reached the diner, the place seemed 70s themed the strong smell of milkshakes and fried foods filled the air. Miseralbe teenagers working there filled out notepads filed with orders upon orders for the insane loyal guests who were willing to come to a crappy run-down diner at 9 AM. A least a 17-year-old guy was working in the back with the cooks exposed from the window which connected to the area where the cashier would have been standing. The floor had a checkered black and white print. The place wasn't exactly the cleanest and seemed like they weren't going well guessing from the mustiness and griminess in the leathery red diner couches, and the flicker in 4/8 of the lights.

Stay back here I'll signal you when it's ready pssom signed out with their secret hand language. Bat nodded, HUHH raccoon blurted out concernigly loud. I am going to strangle you, possum said face-palming himself. Possom scurried behind the cashier and into the kitchen. He got onto his hind legs and sprayed up his arms hissing rapidly. Only a girl with faded neonish pink hair flipping pancakes and a ginger curly-haired boy with more freckles than stars were there. The boy immediately started pointing his spatula toward Possom, WHAT IS THAT WHYY ME HELP ME KARIA!! eh, I'm kinda busy here dude, the boy seemed like he was going to try to scare or push it away with his spatula before Possom let out a growl that showed off his rows upon rows of sharp teeth. OKAY NO NO NOT TODAY!! he shrieked and ran towards the exit.

gooddboyyy aren't you a cutie, the girl picked him up, and let him run around and scratch at her apron. Oh, dear, your food lemme get you something, she gently placed him on her shoulder where he purred comfortably. Jeez, I know that I should feel bad but this deal we have going on aint terrible she rummaged around her quite messy workspace, rags, pots, pans, and batter splattered everywhere. After rummaging around for a while she finally found a half-eaten chocolate doughnut, 2 scrambled eggs, and a raspberry cheesecake muffin, oh noo oh noo you're gonna get chunky eating all these sweets, she said in a baby voice, aren't you just a cutie she playfully poked him adoring him.

Suddenly possom heard Bat making a squeaky noise, which signaled that he was running out of time. Hurridly possum sprinted out of the girl's arms and rushed to the door but not before giving some sort of bow. He was unsure why he would do so, but he saw it on the TVs and the big screens with people on them singing and dancing so it seemed correct. Moments later everything was back to peace. Raccoon and possum were impatiently waiting for bat to finish "fancying their food" C'mon was just some rats. Actually were mamals bat corrected im a Chiroptera that's my scientific name, oh wait.. you're not just a mammal possum you're a marsupial!! What am I? Raccoon asked intrigued for the first time at what Bat was saying, you're just the scum of the earth bat said annoyed. AAAAAAAAAAAaa is it done yet?! possum asked screeching. Just ready, Bat finished heating it with the fire he lit himself of course with the help of raccoon.

Here take some of my food ya idiot, ya need it more than me after all you are injured. Without a second thought, the raccoon annihilated the food and mumbled out gibberish that sounded like he was trying to say thank you. Soon after the sky was dark and the sky was full of stars, tonight they were sleeping behind a random convenience store, luckily the owners were kind enough to place a cat bed and kibble out there which was the equivalent of winning the lottery to them.

By this time Raccoon was already sleep and it was dark out but possom often struggled with sleeping and bat was nocturnal. I don't know why I never thought to ask you this earlier but, of course, I know you don't hate raccoon but why do you have such a general distaste?

eh despite what might seem, im the oldest here, I've done my time and been reckless like him, even though he is not much better than young me at least he had the privilege of leaving willingly we were kicked out or didn't have one, to begin with, and despite that, he still gets to be a child something neither of us ever can ever again. Y-yeah but you never know what he went through either.. I don't know why I thought that you could understand he left at a young age, you were outcasted almost a decade ago but I..I never had a home to begin with. You guys at least know the warmth of love and security even if just for a while...

the world will do harsh things just to keep you alive, if you can't persevere you get eaten alive. Bat opened up his wings with all the time they spent together he had never shown nor had anyone seen them they were covered in cuts and tears. Possom never cared much to observe bat on such close inspection his heart broke. For the first time in decades, Bat had peeled away layer upon layer of fear and being hidden from the world safely wrapped under the darkness of the night sky.

Typically their day went as going to the diner "stealing" food, and running around the city in search of mischief to cause. Although this morning was different, possum never told Akira this but he could understand her very well. So when she said that they could live with her, he figured it was time the truth had to come out. Sometimes when it was dark outside and he was hungry he would visit the back door of her house and she would always feed him joyously just to see him alive. Though it wasn't always easy to explain the scent of food, to his friends.

Everyone in their group hated humans, he was the one to convince them of this idealogy, to begin with. When they were still young and naive he would tell them stories of all the terrible things humans had done to him, his family, and hurt the many critters he loved. Head down, possum walked over to the front of the diner where his friends were waiting, I have news.. slowly possum explained raccoon seemed face seemed surprised, betrayed, and slightly disgusted while Bat simply nodded unfazed.

I- understand, you did what you had to do, plus I mean im not fond that you lied to us but it's good to get the truth out... WHAT NO THAT'S DISGUSTING HUMANS ARE AWFUL GARBAGE CREATURES!! w-what?! why... Raccoon was pulling at his fur which was a bad habit of his when he was stressed. T-THRY THOSE THINGS..Killed.. k-killed what? possom inquired nervous. Raccoon's voice cracked a bit my family.. it was dark out, and that was the only time it was safe for us to leave, then someone just ran over all of them my mom was pregnant with my baby sister, so she didn't have enough time to run.. my brother's body was indistinguishable and my dad looked at me with a look I had never seemed before... If I just hadn't asked for some extra food they told me it was risky..and now they're dead, I don't care how much you say they are different so YEAH I'm sorry fangs if I am too childish for you.. because I didn't exactly have parents to be so around.. and when I did I technically killed them I shouldn't have lied but you could never look at me the same ..

IM A MONSTER, I've lost too many people my mom and unborn sister is dead, my brother and sister is mangled and my dad DEPSIES me.. i don't wanna.. lose the little family I have here too.. possum and raccoon stood there speechless bat so you wanna know why?! HUH WELL HERE! With tears in his eyes, raccoon ran, to the other side of the street, the street was flooded with cars and people and they didn't exactly live in the most fancy part of the city so syringes and glass shards would sometimes be in the road. Raccoon ran across the road but abruptly stopped a glass shard got stuck in his paw he was bleeding heavily but despite that, he used his front paws to leverage him forward, Possom and Bat frantically looked around to make sure that the road was clear, in the corner of their eye they saw a man wearing a pest control vest pointing a shotgun at the raccoon.

If they didn't act fast raccoon would for sure die. Bat and possom ran to protect the raccoon, the bullet didn't shoot him but it shot someone else, possom. Directly in his chest. Possom wheezed, startled by the pain. He was bleeding heavily and fast. N-NO raccoon held onto possum's paw and hugged him tightly, please no.. Bat put his miniature hand on top of the wound desperately trying to stop the bleeding. I CAN FIX THIS JUST DON'T DIE!! bat claimed. Possum's vision began to dwindle he was struggling to grasp onto the little life he had left in him. I am sorry I know I wasn't the best leader or friend but please do what you can with the life I sacrificed for you to have today possum said wheezing.

Tch, disgusting creatures, why can't ya just die already, the man said reloading his shotgun and slowly walking over.THOSE DISGUSTING FREAKS HOW DARE THEY?! raccoon said prepping his claws to scratch the man's face off. They don't care about us do they, WERE JUST TRASH WOrthless.. nothingness bat commented. Possom looked away ashamed of himself for trusting them too.

Akira the girl from the diner quickly rushed out and stopped the man, possom couldn't make out what they were saying but she said something about illegal, permit, and inhumane what ever that meant. He rushed over with a white towel and leaned over to possum. Raccoon hissed and his rapidly, bat began to scratch and attempt to bite her. Why couldn't they just let them have some peace?! please I don't want to hurt you, I want to help she said in a panicky tone.

Raccoon and bat looked over at possom he nodded, at least tried to. She picked them all up in her towel she used his teeth to rip off the sleeve of her apron, and she wrapped it around the wound. This should stop the bleeding. And then from all the stress of it all and lack of sleep, possom passed out. POssoms head began to spin, everyone's voices blurred together, and he was starting to see black. When he awoke from the meditated state, he was in a white room, with a bright light blinding him.

he felt slightly in pain but soon after was knocked out again. Raccoon and bat were kept in a crate waiting. in the waiting room with akira. The hospital smelled like chemises and cleaning supplies. The talbe in front of them had magazines laid out.. possom would havve loved them raccoons thought to hiimself. People wearing blue gloves and teal gowns kept walkin back and forth, carrying something, syringes, notepads cofee ect. Raccoon sat in the corner of the crate turned away, he was struggling to process what had happened..he didnt want to accept it let out look at his circumstances. i- bat oh god.. if possum died then that means that someone for the second time had died because of me.. raccoon mumbled to bat, wallowing in his agony.

hey don't say that its gonna be alright they are going whatever they are doing the best they can. Ive been given so many chances at life bu what have i been doing with it. You've done a lot, made friends, gone on fun adventures, sort of explored the owrld but most importantly you made creaturs happy. oh yeah like who?! me and Possom When Possum first invited me i was planning on stealing all your food and ditching but then i saw you , you were still young and impressionable and you needed a good role model..so then i thought okay one more day then one more week then one more moth and then i never left. Raccoon made an odd chittering sound that sounded like playfull laughter.

My point is even if you don't think of it..you have done more than you give yourself credit for. SUddently a person with a mask and wearing those hospital gowns and gloves walked over to the girl with faed neon pink hair, hes alive thakfuly the bullet didn't hit any vital organs also we figured while he was knocked out we should give him some shots, just them with them. They left for a minute and came back olding a cate with possom in it soundly sleeping oon top of a blanket akirta brought with her.

Akira picked up the crates and, half an hour later they were at home. Surprisingly AKiras home was rather spacious. Akira placed them on top of her 1 of her two large light pink soft couches. The walls of her house depending on the area were either a soft pink or a warm light sade of yeloow. Her home smelled on esstiional oils and butterscotch. Her home was filled with all sorta of trinkets ,scented candes were scatter almost everywhere, and plants that were in every corer and hung even on the cieliing. Her living room had a large tv palces in the middle, while AKira had wondered off into the kitchen she put painting videos aside from working at a crappy run down diner she also had a knack for painting.

the sound of someone commenting on ther painting tutorials always felt oddly blissful and serene. On te walls of her living room laid an abundance of paintings, some her own some not. The paintings that were her own mainly was imagry of beautfiul land scapes, people having picinics at a sunny warm park or simple imagry of the local wldlife, the largest painting that stood out to them was a painting of them. It showed them sitting in front of the dumpster. Bat flew up to take a closer work it was clear that she had paid great attention to detail. AKira noticed bat staring at the painting, like it? took me a while to make it and even longer to get a good glimpse of you guys. Hell, you guys were the reason i took that crappy job i heard that there was a crazy lunatic running around tryna hit or kill a lone some gorup of critters so i knew i had to keep an eye out, you guys just happened to give me the inspiration to be my new muse. Bit thnakfully i can finally quit.

BAt was up flying around admiring all th paintings while raccoon was sitting in front of possums open crate staring at him waiting for him to wake up. Groggily eventully possum woke up, he rubbed his eye waiting for his vision to clear, but before he coul even process what on eath had happened raccoon hugged him almost crying YOUR ALIVE YOUR ALIVE!! huh.. OH YEAH I AM possum. Where are we possum questioned our new home and bat responded perched a top of the couch. Glad to see ya alive hero bat said cheerfully. evetully Akira walked over to the kitchen and attempeted to pick them all up, raccoon nudged away still unsure but slowly eased into her arms after seeing how wiliing possum and bat was.

Akira wlaked them over to the kitchen, on the counter was 3 miniture plates nad one noraml sized one. FOOD raccoon rushed over to his plate, not thinking twice oppisote to his behavior ealeir.. bat pulled him back it rude to not wait be polite he whispered. Raccoon looked at her, she chuckled and gave him a nod. Raccoon snarfed down his plate of butterscotch pie. Bat intergitly ate his pinapple and m initure slice of pie and possum simply stared at it, before eating it in on bite avoiing crumbs. Even though Hero had gorwn accusom to the sight of humans it still threw him off that his days of running from the pulic, stealing food and living with dumpsters was finaly over. This was different, this was home.

im really sorry that there like is some actully a lot of spelling mistakes in the last part ik its annyoing but ill fix it eventully this was mainly a story thing for school so opinions and critisms is welcomed :DD
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