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Royalty and Jester, they live two different lives yet yearn to be involved in the others
Miel got up, vision still blurry and half asleep, he walked over to his bathroom and checked himself in the mirror, his makeup still wasnt washed off from the night before nothing crazy just purple diamonds over his eyes, a red circle on his nose and a painted on a tear under his right eye. He bushed out his messy raven-black hair that was like a wolfcut and went up to his neck. He reapplied his face paint and makeup over his tanned skin. His dark green and other purple eyes stared at himself in the mirror, piercingly struggling to grasp onto his little remaining sanity. He let out a loud sigh and put on his jester hat it was dark blue and purple with rows of diamonds and had bells on the tips.

He sluggishly walked over to his room and put on his jester one-piece outfit, with his long boots that went up to his upper thigh. He spun himself around adorning himself in other accessories suchas a choker and ruffled bracelets. It was rather degrading being forced to dress as an overpaid clown for rich snobs but at least the outfit wasn't totally ugly.

In contrast, the royal awoke, already being pampered someone was gently brushing out their hair, and their were dozens of butlers ready to serve them tea and biscuits. they barely had to move an inch because everyone was always flocking to them, ready to serve their every need. As the house workers were shuffling from area to area, planning out the royal's day the royal stood in front of their window, through it he could see Miel admiring himself in the mirror seeming happy but not before checking the time and realizing he had to go to work soon.

Miel noticed the royal staring at him almost longingly through his open window, flushed and embarrassed the royal immediately looked away. If he's here as a prisoner what kind of monster does that me? he mumbled to themself already depressed when the day barely started.

Uhm your Highness you're needed in the main room.
The royal was seated on the middle throne bored out of their mind. Until finally, Miel had appeared. Miel took a deep breath in and out, it was hard not to be nervous they were wearing bountiful amounts of rich jewelry, and custom-tailored clothes, with their crown glistening, reflecting Miel and letting him see himself below.

Miel mentally slapped himself for admiring those rich scum, it wasn't beautiful it was just another husk showing off their wealth. Are you alright dear? the royal asked gently. Im fine he said sharply let's just get this over with. ahem, why did the chicken cross the road, to escape Thanksgiving he said sounding dead clearly not wanting to be here.

The royal began howling with laughter meanwhile the king sat there in silence unamused. The King looked at the royal raising an eyebrow "This is rather duling don't you agree..?" he whispered to them.

Hush father he is marvelous. After two more bad jokes and constant loud laughter from the royal the king left. you to have fun I'll be in my study he said in a gruff voice. Alright finally my father isnt here, come here jester you may sit on his throne im sure he won't mind. Didn't that last guy get hit with the guillotine for doing that? he said bluntly.

uhh well then sit with me!
Look doll I appreciate the gesture but what we have isn't anything that special you laugh at me I get paid. Miel was walking towards the door when he remembered that, he still had an hour left.
Ah fuck,
nuh uh sorry my little jester but you're not allowed to leave yet.
Yeah, I get it pendajo he said rolling his eyes.
Why don't you sit with me,
fine the jester said grumbling finally caving in.
They gently removed his hat and ran their fingers through his hair, your locks are rather luscious, aren't they? You know my father is marrying me off in 7 days...I don't want to of course we both know that but.. it's strictly for business I want you.
Well, are you sure?! im not just some secret you know im a PERSON! but not like that matters.
please I just want to talk I want something with you.
Oh yeah, great joke real funny you see I've got to go right now and cut my paycheck in half I don't care im leaving early im sick, sick of you.
Jester wondered about the halls of the castle, tapestries, and statues everywhere. Finally, he made it to the one area where he could truly unwind.

The royal bar, typically only those of royalty were allowed in but because of a certain royal, exceptions were made. His friend Bruce worked over there as a bartender. 35 but the wisest person you'll ever know. Despite his hefty salary, it's not usual for him to complain about how ignorant they all are. Like last time he was ranting about how ludicrous some pompous lady sounded

A-AND THEN YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT SHE SAID?! SHE SAID OH MY GOD MY KID IS SO ANNOYING FOR NOT WANTING TO MARRY HENRY THE 4TH OF THE BIRTH EMPIRE?! The guy's FUCKIN FORTY MATE! For some odd reason, the sound of his odd rants and grumbling never failed to make Miel chuckle at least a bit. The place looked exactly like an old-timey tavern. The smell of rum and alcohol filled the air. Soft jazz music was playing from a record player sitting in the corner of the room, alongside it laid dozens of dusty old-timey records.

Unlike typically the place was totally empty, typically you'd see teenagers who snuck in swarming the place and making out in the corner.
Hey Burce why is no one here?
well, everyone's pretty busy preparing for the upcoming royal wedding. I mean it's in like 7 days shit. He said looking away and cleaning a beer glass.
something wrong Bruce said looking up.
The same fucker that claims to love me is getting married and still thinks that we can be together in secret. Secret my ass, he said pounding his fist on the table.
yeesh rough shit, lemme pour ya poor soul a drink.
Mien furrowed his brows, frowning fuck you I'm doing-
it's on the house he said sighing
YAY Jester smiled gleefully.
After a few too many drinks Miel, got up out of his seat and mumbled gibberish that sounded like he was trying to say thank you? It was already pretty dark out, and only a few candles were lit along the castle hallways.

A bad habit the jester had when drunk was that he would wander off to the Royal's room. If he was sober he would never do such a thing, he claimed to hate him after all but when he was drinking he could break a few rules. It was like a drug, he knew that this on-and-off bullshit thing they had was hurting both of them.

And that the next day he would regret it. It hurt so much, for night after night jester often stayed up wondering what it would be like if they did get together, but they would marry someone else, kiss someone else at the alter, take someone else's last name when someone asked who they were dating they would not say his name. It all hurt too much, he didn't want to feel this way. he looked around and found a glass vase, he kicked it down broke it apart, and picked up the glass shard. holding it tightly in his hand, blood dripping slowly as he dragged it across his bare skin.

Then crept off to the Royal's room, the more often he went off his drunk escapades the more it hurt, but just for one second he just wanted to feel okay and cared after even.
Oh my god! are you alright the royal questioned rushing to his side.
The royal led him over to their bed and placed them down. Carefully they picked out the pieces of glass from his hands and arm. They bandaged up the cuts, and gently kissed the bandaged wounds.
Im sorry love I wish you could tell me what was wrong, but until then I'll always be here they said looking up at him lovingly and cupping his face.

Huh.. what uh sure..Miel's head was spinning both from the alcohol and the odd amounts of affection he was given. So uh you wanna do something funn he said slurred, barely being able to sit upright.
I.. I do.. but not now, later when you're sober I don't want to be another mistake you make.
FUckin weirdo, cmonn I know you wanna, he moved their hands to his chest and crotch.
Why?! I don't want this.. this is wrong! I just wanna be here to comfort you, dont make it sexual please you don't owe me anything especially not your body, i just wanna be here for you.
Well, im gonna go, the conversation was getting too real, there were so many thoughts plaguing his mind at the moment but he wasn't gonna make the mistake of telling THEM that.
don't you're drunk and you broke something everyone in the castle heard it. Just stay here I can cover for you. fine, you fuckin idiot. Jester changed into Royal's old pjs. And cuddled himself next to him as he did so his arms and hands leaked more blood, causing him to wince but kept his pain silent.
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