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Describes the futility of being proud of oneself in a vast ocean of nothingness

All of us came from nothing.
All will turn into nothing.
Let me tell you verily,
This world itself is nothing.

Individuals think that
They are great and important.
We are ruled by fate, in fact.
By ourselves, we are nothing.

Societies come and go.
Cultures have flourished, vanished.
Even countries, from world’s map,
Have been reduced to nothing.

From this it is obvious,
Men, peoples, cultures, countries,
All are but ephemeral,
All do pass into nothing.

In atom is nothingness.
Electrons do not have mass.
Matter and anti-matter,
Simply are but waves, nothing.

Nothingness pervades the space
Except oscillating stars.
They will all burn out one day
And there will be left nothing.

In this universe so vast,
We are but a tiny spec.
Why should we be proud at all?
We are, in fact, just nothing.

Let us sow the seeds of love,
Wherever we find ourselves.
For, one day, we are destined
To be reduced to nothing.

• Written in 7-7-7-7 format. Rhyme-refrain scheme: abcD, except in first quatrain, where it is AAbA.

M C Gupta
14 July 2003
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