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Don't despair silence. Background noise removed, inner voice becomes audible.

When I walk down the silent path
With none to see or hear,
When all is dark and deep and cold
And loneliness I fear;

Or when a hundred voices speak,
A hundred faces show,
But I am a stranger to them,
All pass by me and go;

Or when all in my family
Are ever too busy
To look or smile or talk to me
Or make me feel easy;

Then do I blame those around me,
And those with whom I live?
Or, do I rue my fate that none
Has a moment to give?

No, ‘cause there is a voice within,
Which I remember then,
Though it has been there all along
For me to, but, listen.

I thank Him that my background noise
He has taken away.
When others are silent to me
I listen to Him say:

“I sent you in the world so that
You spread my true gospel.
To all those who listen to you,
You must this message tell:

Love both thy neighbor and thy foe
And don’t covet riches.
You will come back to me, my son,
My promise true it is”.

* Written in abcb 8-6-8-6 format
* Showcased as Editor’s Choice in Spiritual Newsletters dated 8 September 2005 and 25 August 2010.

M C Gupta
10 August 2004
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