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Random Writing, Blogs and Adventures
A mix of Random writing in an attempt to organize my thoughts, storyboard ideas and conserve portfolio space in the process.
April 19, 2024 at 3:31am
April 19, 2024 at 3:31am
1) What background information should I give about myself?

My name is Triton and I use the Pen Name KingsSideCastle . My portfolio has a pretty wild mix in it. Sometimes I write lighthearted material while other times I do more serious stuff. In my day job I am a computer programmer and technology analyst.

I tend to be pretty shy and quiet and have nerdy interest. I love Science fiction, comic books and video games.

My only real dislike I can think of in the moment is there is never enough time to complete everything that I hope to be able to do throughout the day.

I am a huge chess fan which is the basis for my WDC handle. I sponsored the Grandmaster Merit badge on this site.
Merit Badge in Grandmaster
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Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

And I also helped recommend the chess pieces emoticons. *ChessRookB* Feel free to collect my chess trinket below if you haven't already.

I hope to be able to develop a video game one day.

2) For my teammate I picked our team leader Beacon's Light .

Game of Thrones is my first real interaction with her though we probably had some other interactions in the past as well. I definitely visited her portfolio and guest book previously and we have collected each others trinkets in the past

She graciously allowed me to join the team she was organizing. She likes lighthouses and she runs a review group on Writing.com called "Positive Hearts Reviews Group

She is also organizing a Tomb raider activity which seems like it is going to be really neat. She is really friendly and an awesome teammate.

3) For the opposing team member I picked Annette whose team has already made it over the wall and is making their way through Westeros though I maintain Castle Black will hold strong against any invasions. *Door* *Bird*

I knew Annette before this. She is one of Writing.com's moderators. She is also a fellow Star Wars fan and has created one of my favorite trinkets on the site: Baby Yoda aka Grogu. (collectable here: "Trinkets for Collection )

She runs some really awesome activities on writing.com which I try to participate when I have the chance. Currently she has two big activities going on that I am aware of "I Write in 2024 and "Anniversary Reviews. She is also responsible for organizing the potato throwing chaos and drinking games during WDC's birthday celebrations.

She participated in one of my Trinket Scavenger hunts as well and was the first person on the site to claim the ultimate prize at the end. Though at least 100 members have attempted this, only 7 others on the site were successfully able make it through to the finish.

Word Count 430 Words (Not including the prompt).


The Prompt:(all challenges written within one entry - 500 words max. each)
1. In an entry, tell us a little about yourself
What you love, dislike
Personality traits
Goals - no goals

2. Pick a member from your team and tell us about them
Did you know them before?
What have you learned about them so far?
Tell us! We'd like to know them, too.

3. Pick a member from an opposing team
Tell us what you know about them
Did you know them before the game?
Something interesting about them

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