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by Cloud
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In writing club we watched a video of an art gallery it inspired this poem.
The glide of a paintbrush
The drip of the water
The mixing of colors
To show deep desire

An abstract though
A sculpture so tall
A million dots
That create a picture from something so small

The shape of a woman
The head of a man
If I was a woman
I would want that man

A disclosed shape
Beneath the confusion
It has an escape
But it's also inhuman

The metal feel
That your hands see
The smell of the flowers
That your eyes taste

The darkness
That pulls you in
Till it's too late
You can't escape

A silver snow storm
In some unfound mountains
All while turquoise waves
Splash the base

A blue religion
When the only light is the cross
And the angels that fall down
To punish us
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