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Two people, recovering from nervous breakdowns, find love and solace in each other.
In a place where shadows dance with the lost,
Two souls adrift, in a tempest tossed.
Their minds, once bright, now cloaked in haze,
In the asylum's labyrinthine maze.

She, a fragile blossom wilted by despair,
He, a shattered vessel beyond repair.
In the silence, they found a shared song,
In the chaos, where they both belonged.

Their eyes met in a fleeting glance,
A shattered mirror, a second chance.
Through whispered words and gentle touch,
Their wounded hearts began to clutch.

In the garden of broken dreams they'd meet,
Amidst the echoes of their heartbeat.
A haven in a world unkind,
Their solace in each other they'd find.

In the tapestry of darkness and pain,
They painted hues of love, not in vain.
Bound by chains of their own design,
Yet together, they began to shine.

Through the corridors of sorrow they'd roam,
Hand in hand, finding their way home.
In each other's arms, they found release,
Their fractured minds finding peace.

In a world that often seemed so grim,
They found light in each other's dim.
For love transcends the walls of fate,
In their union, they found escape.

So, let their story be a beacon bright,
A testament to love's endless flight.
In the asylum's cold embrace,
They found warmth in each other's grace.

And as the sun begins to rise,
Their love, a phoenix in disguise.
For in the depths of their shared reality,
They found echoes of serenity.
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