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A narrative poem about the rise and fall of a male, standup comedian.
Upon a cliff, the jester stands, arms outstretched,
Overlooking the river, his mind wretched.
Comedian once, now haunted by despair,
A dark suspicion hangs heavy in the air.

His jokes once sharp, his laughter loud and clear,
Now silenced by the shadow of fear.
Whispers echo, accusing eyes pierce his soul,
His world shattered, his heart black as coal.

It began with laughter, a love so bright,
But jealousy and rage clouded his sight.
A heated argument, words thrown like knives,
A moment of madness that changed their lives.

She lay still, a crimson stain on the floor,
His hands shaking, his heart torn to the core.
Did he do it? The question burned in his mind,
As he tried to leave his past self behind.

The media frenzy, the rumors' cruel dance,
His reputation tarnished, no second chance.
He took to the stage, his jokes falling flat,
His audience gone, his spirit crushed and spat.

Alone on the cliff, the wind in his hair,
He searches for answers, for a way to repair.
But the truth remains hidden, a dark, twisted lie,
As he spreads his arms wide and prepares to fly.

Into the abyss, the river below,
A final act in a tragic, twisted show.
The jester falls, his laughter now gone,
A cautionary tale, a life come undone.

And as he plummets, a single thought clear,
In the end, all that's left is fear.
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