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You own a kingdom, but the question is what kind of kingdom is it?

         You now own a kingdom! But the question is: "What kind of kingdom shall you make?"
-Would it be for peace?
-Would it be a empire?
-Would it be peaceful?
-Would it be full of chaos?
         Please give a discription of your idea of what you see your kingdom becoming!

: Massive Friendly Derg
: 12-24-23 @ 9:35am
: A safe haven for those humans who want to live with dragons. As the king I can also turn humans into the dragon form of there dreams. I can also manipulate dragon forms (like feral/anthro & size)

: MayDay
: 02-13-24 @ 7:05pm
: I think it would be somewhere for people to learn freely about God and his loving grace and mercy. Jesus's story. They'd be able to talk freely about it without persecution. It would be part of the schools.

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