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Harry and his friends experience muscle growth and many other transformations!

Harry and his friends experience muscle growth and many other transformations!

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Harry and his friends experience muscle growth and many other transformations!

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco experience muscle growth, growth, expansion, shrinking, age regression, age progression, and a multitude of other transformations when an ancient spell book is found in the library at Hogwarts! Or, a magical wand is discovered, which was hidden somewhere at Hogwarts!

Could you imagine Harry, Ron, or Hermione growing big, tall and muscular? Can you think of Harry becoming a female, or Hermione becoming male? Or Ron shrinking to a few inches tall? Or Hermione becoming a 100 foot giant? Or Harry growing four legs? Or six arms? Or Harry and Ron having one and the same body? All these things are now possible in this story!

Help the young wizards as they experience life when they change when they try out all these spells and potions on each other.

These fantastic spells may include:

-Muscle Growth (muscles inflate, become stronger)
-Muscle Theft (one person steals muscle belonging to another person)
-Growth (height, becoming bigger and taller)
-Shrinking (shrinking in height and size)
-Age Regression (becoming younger)
-Age Progression (becoming older)
-Weight gain (gaining fat, size, blubber)
-Wish fulfillment (making wishes that always come true)
-Animal TF (turning into some animal, whole or partially)
-Anthro/Furry (turning into a furry creature)
-Liquify (turning into a living liquid)
-Body Swap (one person swaps their body with another)
-Body part (one person becomes part of another person's body)
-Body theft (one person steals part of another person's body, like their head, etc.)
-Cloning (one person creates copies of himself)
-Multi-limbs (having more arms, legs, heads, etc.)
-Male to female (a male character becomes female)
-Female to male (a female character becomes male)
-Hair, beards, bears (gaining hair, beards)
-Body Merge (two people merge into one body together)

You may introduce new characters as chapters are added to the story.

Please email me if there are corrections or changes to the story text or to the options at the end of a chapter. Please provide the URL of the chapter that needs to be edited.


NO one-line chapters, NO gory scenes, NO Death, NO Ending the story. Always keep it going!!!

Have fun!

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