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A young man named Daniel finds a series of magical books.

A young man named Daniel finds a series of magical books.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This story was formerly Bakugan Seduction and now is about a young man named Daniel Wilkers finding a collection of magical books, chief of which is one that allows him to summon fictional characters will be the main focus of the story. If you do not want to read about a teenager summoning up anime characters focus on another book.

Rules about the summoning book:
#1: Initially anyone using the summoning book can only summon up to 5 to ten characters at once. There is an advanced summoning book that can do away with this limitation, but it will not be available initially. If Daniel wants to get a different character exchanged he must send one back, or use the book to turn another to a figurine.
#2: Summoned characters may or may not have their abilities they possess in their universe, and may have them reduced with the initial book. The more powerful a character is the more difficult they may be to summon. For example summoning Sakura from the later parts of Naruto might be difficult due to her strength, bur summoning Sakura from the early parts of Naruto will be easy. Offering some blood to the book to make the process easier with the initial book. Also if anyone gets the process wrong they may become the character they are trying to summon, or get sent to that world.
#3: The characters will not be controlled by the summoner they will have their own free will, characteristics, and personality. For example a Bloodletter from a Warhammer universe will act like a Bloodletter, carry the same corruptive Chaos properties it would in its native universe, but will eventually return to the Warp once its time runs out. Another example would be if Daniel summons up Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill. She might not have her powers but will still act like Esdeath.

Edit 10/24/21: A the other starter books in the collection:
A brown book about about body control. Who ever uses this book can cause expansions, change people right down on the genetic level, and things of the like. There are also some spells that included body changes that also causes mental changes such as bimbofication. The next two books are pink but the book about fertility and pregnancy was a bright neon pink with a pregnant woman on the cover. The other darker pink book with a brain on it was all about mental spells. A green book that involved spells that change women's clothes. A deep blue book with a genie's lamp on it. This book is about turning people into genies. A black and red book like a coral snake. This one is the exact opposite of the Tome of Summoning. With this book one can go to other worlds.

Actual story rules: I'm going make this is fairly light compared to my other stories.
#1: No m/m or f/f. I will make an exception on if a guy becomes a girl and has sex with another girl in this.
#2.5: No beastility, necrophilia, water sports, scat, guro, vore outside of cock vore, or sissy stuff
#3: Try to use proper grammar
#4: Killing is fine and so is gore but don't make a full fledge wankfest. Ask if a major character is in your sights.
#5: If you need any help IM or email me.
#6: If you create a new character please add them to the character library.

Some of the main characters:
Daniel Wilkers: Daniel is the 4th oldest sibling of a brood of six, and the main focus of the story.
Age: 16
Physical appearance: 6'2, brown wavy hair, and blue eyes. Is in good shape
Personality: Daniel is an ernest hard working boy who is a fan of many forms of media. Also has a big perverted side after many hours of the internet due to the corona lockdowns. Usually quick to think on his feet, and doesn't usually tolerate too much nonsense.

Debby Wilkers: Daniel's mother
Age: 46
Physical appearance: Average height, has DDD cups, light blonde hair, blue eyes, and is somewhat chubby with a thicc milf build.
Personality: These days Debby is an emotional wreck after her husband died recently, but has her hobbies to keep her sane enough to manage her children. She is a dutiful mother who always tries to see what goes on in the life of her children, and to see if she can help them.

Emily Wilkers: the 2nd oldest sibling
Age: 24
Physical Appearance: Slim, mild C-cups, keeps her hair short in a ponytail, taller than her mother, blonde with hazel eyes
Personality: Emily is a busybody who fell for the "career woman" thinking but still wants children herself one day. She also is quite nosy, stepping into others' business. and come off as standoffish.

Hannah Wilkers: the moody middle child dealing with a breakup
Age: 18
Physical appearance: has straight blonde but dyed hair that goes down to the middle of her back, has a similar build to her mother including being chubby due to overeating, and has blue eyes. Has nearly E-cups.
Personality: Hannah is a drama queen and has always been one and is a textbook tsundere. She is prone to throwing a fit at the slightest thing that goes wrong for her, and prefers to stay inside a lot now since she got dumped. She also sees herself as the one to look after the youngest of the family Jean and Barry.

Jean Wilkers and Barry Wilkers: a set of fraternal twins.
Age: Both are 11
Physical appearance: They both have blonde hair, a typical build for children their age, but the key difference is their eyes. Jean has a blue left eye and brown right eye, and Barry has a blue right eye and brown left eye.
Personality: The twins are an excitable pair that are normally seen together. Jean is very girly and cannot stand scary stuff, and Barry shares many interests with Daniel.
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