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Love music? Well tell me please, where do you sing those radio hits? :)
Poll Question:
          Yes, I know, I know, those of you who are aware of my first poll
~Do you Snore? Be honest.~  [13+]
I'm curious to know how many people know or will admit that they snore?
by StaiNed-House Targaryen
*Heart* are wondering gee she's at it again. Yup! That I am, I love asking questions so I'm laying another on you guys. Be honest, my shadows watch..

         I am again up late and cannot sleep and in the background of all the darling snoring that occurs nightly, the radio sings all night long..
*Idea* My kids all love to sing, my oldest will bless us with his beautiful voice in the shower, bed at night {he's sleeping yup.} Where ever, when ever. My second boy delights everyone with a song or two in the car or on the bus. Soo here the question, if you haven't figured it out. *Delight*

Where do you sing those tunes you love?

Poll Options:
      The classic; the shower.
      I don't sing out loud, Never.
      You don't wanna know.
      In the car, of course.
      Clubs and bars, over the noise who else would hear?
      In my sleep so I'm told
      In my head, the safest spot.
      To family and friends. I'm great singer.
      Other, details please.
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