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out of body experience during swimming involving mermaids and their song.

Still little pond,
So serene,
So tranquil...
I come to visit every so often,
But you look as if you never changed.
I change to my bathing suit,
And as I start to wade in,
I hear the pearly song of the mermaid ring in my ear,
Bidding me to come to Atlantis once more.
To take a midnight swim in the ancient waters once again,
To take up emerald-scaled fins and moistened gills once more.
I dive into the pond,
Take over by the urge to swim,
To be free,
To be home in hte womb of Gaea.
Azure, aquamarine, turquoise,
Colors of water flowing through my mind,
Turning to memories of a past-life,
Of azure-scales fins and moistened gills,
Of clamshell encased bodies and seaweed hair.
I break through the surface,
And the water runs in rivulets down my back,
As the song fades from my ears,
As my Midnight Swim come to an end.
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