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To keep track of all members of the 'Angel Armys' birthdays
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Birthday Cake IconsJANUARY
*Star* 11th - Molly
*Star* 31st - GaelicQueen

FEBRUARYBirthday Cake Icons
*Star* 4th - spidey
*Star* 13th - intuey of House Lannister
*Star* 21st - Sssssh! I'm not really here.
*Star* 24th - Amethyst Angel (House Mormont)

Birthday Cake IconsMARCH
*Star* 1st - Joy
*Star* 6th - dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG
*Star* 8th - Cubby~Cheering House Florent!
*Star* 17th - iKïyå§ama-House Targaryen
*Star* 26th - He’s Brian K Compton

APRILBirthday Cake Icons
*Star* 12th - Penelope Moonbeam
*Star* 15th - very thankful
*Star* 19th - MirandaCookies COLLEGE SOON

Birthday Cake IconsMAY
*Star* 9th - fyn
*Star* 13th - ShelleyA~13 years at WDC
*Star* 23rd - Sharmelle's Expressions

JUNEBirthday Cake Icons
*Star* 3rd - BIG BAD WOLF is hopping
*Star* 6th - StephBee - House Targaryen
*Star* 8th - mARi☠StressedAtWork
*Star* 23rd - 🌑 Darleen - QoD

Birthday Cake IconsJULY
*Star* 1st - Annie
*Star* 8th - Lonewolf

AUGUSTBirthday Cake Icons
*Star* 12th - J.L. O'Dell
*Star* 17th - Angels in my Ear
*Star* 20th - Mary Ann MCPhedran
*Star* 28th - Dawn Embers

Birthday Cake IconsSEPTEMBER
*Star* 13th - The StoryMistress

OCTOBERBirthday Cake Icons
*Star* 1st - Vaishali
*Star* 12th - 🎼 RRodgersWrites 🎶
*Star* 17th - Aennaytte: Free & Wild in GoT
*Star* 20th - Beacon - House Night's Watch
*Star* 30th - Blue-Inspired

Birthday Cake IconsNOVEMBER
*Star* 2nd - 🌷 Carol St.Ann 🌷
*Star* 15th - innerlight
*Star* 21st - Sunny
*Star* 22nd - ShiShad

DECEMBERBirthday Cake Icons
*Star* 10th - Winnie Kay
*Star* 11th - The StoryMaster
*Star* 13th - Jaeff | KBtW of the Free Folk

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