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A prose about a couple in love.
The young woman checked her make up-
She looked in the mirror and smiled.
The red dress was perfect for-
the Valentines Day Dance.

Her mother had just let her date in.
Her father yelled her date was here!
She hurried down the stairs as
her heart skipped a beat!

He was so young and handsome.
He had a corsage for her and
she took his breath away.
The young girl's mother put her corsage on.

The mother took pictures.
The young girl hoped that they-
wouldn't be late for the
Valentines Day Dance!

Finally they were on their way-
to the dance.
They walked in the room and all-
eyes were on them.

The young couple danced.
They made a cute couple.
He kissed her cheek and
held her tight.

A young couple in love.
Perfect for Valentines Day.
The moment everyone had
waited for.

The young couple-
were crowned Valentines Day
Queen and King!
The couple hugged and danced.

Memories of this night will be-
precious to them.
She wore the crown so proud.
The young man put a promise
ring on her finger.

Another year of school and then college
but true love will never die.
They will be married someday
but for now, they have tonight.

Stars are in the sky.
The young couple feel like
they are the only ones in love.
The magic of Valentines Day.

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