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Gathering of Erotic terminology
Working Thesaurus:

Ambrosial, choice, delicious, delectable, delightful, delish, divine, enjoyable, enticing, esculent, exquisite, fit for a king, flavorsome, full of flavor, good. gratifying. heavenly, inviting, juicy, lip-smacking, luscious, lush, mouth-watering, pleasant, piquant, rich, relish, ripe, salty, satisfying, savory, scrumptious, spicy, succulent, sweet, tangy, tart, tasty, tempting, yummy, zesty

Awaken, crave, crop up, demand, electrify, emerge, energize, enliven, entice, excite, fire up, fuel, heat up, incite, inflame, kindle, lust, passion, propel, ravenous, relish, rise, rouse, spark, spurn, stimulate, stir, tantalize, tease, thirst, thrill, urge, wake up, whet, whip up{/center}

Breathing ~ inhale/exhale
last, blow, catch one's breath, choke, convulse, drive, emanate, exhale, fan, flap, flow, flutter, gasp, gulp, heave, huff, inhale, pant, puff, rasp, rush, sigh, sniff, snort, stream, swell, swirl, waft, wave, wheeze, whiff, whirl, whisk, whisper, winded, withdraw, woof

animalistic, beastly, bodily, brutal, coarse, crude, dirty, feral, impure, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, licentious, lustful, physical,
prurient, raunchy, rough, salacious, sensuous, unchaste, unclean, voluptuous, vulgar, wanton, worldly

bliss, blissful, contentment, delectation, delighted, delirium, elated, elation, enchantment, euphoria, excitement, extremely happy, fervor, frenzy, gratification, happiness, heaven, high, in raptures (of delight), in seventh heaven, inspiration, intoxication, joy, jubilant, on cloud nine, overexcited, overjoyed, paradise, passion, rapture, rapturous, ravishment, rhapsody, satisfaction, serenity, thrill, thrilled,

Ablaze, aflame, all-consuming, bake, bask, blaze, boil, broil, chafe, char, enflame, enkindle, explosive, feverish, fire, flame, flush, fry, glow, grill, grow, hot, grow warm, ignite, incandescence, incinerate, inflame, kindle, melt, oxidize, perspire, raise temperature, roast, scald, scorch, sear, seethe, set on fire, singe, steam, swelter, toast, torrid, warm, warm-up

Ache, appetite, ardor, craving, dedication, demand, desire, devotion, enthusiasm, excitement, fervor, horny, gluttony, greed, inclination, insatiable, intensity, longing, lust, mouth-watering, passion, ravenous, relish, taste, thirst, urge, voracious, voracity, want, weakness, willingness, wholeheartedness, yearning, zeal

Call for, claim, compulsion, covet, crave, deficient, demand, deprived, desire, desperate, die for, down and out, eagerness, fascination, greed, hard up, do without, drive, feel necessity for, go hungry, hanker, hunger, hurt for, insatiable, lack, long, lust, miss, must, necessitate, pine, require, suffer for, thirst, wish, yearn

Adventure, amusement, bliss, buzz, comfort, contentment, delectation, delight, desire, diversion, ecstasy, enjoyment, entertainment, felicity, flash, fruition, fun, gluttony, gratification, happiness, harmony, heaven, indulgence, joy, kick, luxury, paradise, recreation, relish, revelry, satisfaction, self-indulgence, seventh heaven, solace, thrill, turn-on, zest

Adamant, bullheaded, chiseled, dead set, definite, determined, firm, fixed, hard, harsh, incompliant, inflexible, rigorous, set, set in, tone, solid, stern, stringent, stubborn, taut, tense, tight, tough, unalterable, unbending, unbreakable, uncompromising, unmoving, unrelenting, unyielding

Advance, assail, assault, attack, bang, bear down, boost, buck, burrow, cram, drive, force, gouge, heave, impale, impel, impulsion, jab, jump, lunge, momentum, onslaught, pierce, plunge, poke, press, pound, prod, punch, push, ram, shove, slam, spike, stab, stick, whack. wham

Abut, djoin, blow, brush, butt, caress, contact, crash, cuddle, embrace, feel, finger, fris, graze, grope, handle, hit, hug, impact, inspect, kiss, lick, manipulation, mash, massage, mold, muzzle, neck, nestle, nibble, nip, nudge, nuzzle, nudge, routline, palm, palpation, pat, paw, peck, pet, pinch, play, polish, press, probe, pull, rasp, ravish, ream, rim, rub, run, scrabble, scrape, scrub, shave, shift, skate, slip, slither, smack, snake, snuggle, soothe, spank, splay, spread, squeeze, stretch, stroke, suck, swipe, tangle, tap, taste, tease, hump, tongue, trace, trail, tunnel, twiddle, twirl, twist, tug, work, wrap

Writhe Agonize, angle, arch, bend, bow, buck, coil, contort, convulse, curl, curve, distort, fidget, fight, flex, grind, heave, jerk, jiggle, jolt, kick, lurch, move, rear, recoil, reel, ripple, resist, roll, shake, shift, slither, spasm, squirm, stir, strain, stretch, struggle, suffer, surge, swell, swivel, thrash, thrust, turn, tussle, twist, undulate, warp, wiggle, wince, worm, wrestle, wriggle, yank

Body Parts ~ Terms

Aroused Nipples, Boobs , Bosom, Bottom, Breast, Clitoris (Clit), Core of, Cunt, Curved Butt, Dark Star, Derrière, Digit, Dripping Folds, Dripping Love Tunnel, Femininity, He, ving Mounds, Hidden Secret, Love Tunnel, Moist, Mound, Muff , Nectar, Nub, Petals, Pleasure center, Pussy, Slit , Staff , Swollen, Tits, Wet Pink Flesh

Balls, Bottom, Cock , Core of, Crown Jewels, Dark Star, Digit, Erection, Impale, Manhood, Mount, Nectar, organ, Penis, Pole, Probe, Pulsate, Rigid/Rigidity, Rod, Shaft, Sipping Nectar, Slit, Staff, Stiffening, Swollen, Tool

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