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A song about what we lose and what we never had
I walked you home, kissed you goodnight,
then followed the beam of my flashlight
to the place where we’d drawn pictures in the sand- a place your heart would understand,
And I decided then that place was where
I’d build for you a castle in the air

I carved bricks out of clouds white as doves,
cemented with hope and a lady’s love
And I made a place that we could share,
a pretty little castle in the air

Put in a blue front door with purple flowers,
It’d all be great and it’d be ours
And I knew that no place could compare
to our lovely castle in the air

No, I never thought we’d make it there,
But still, I loved that castle in the air…

Because you were a damsel in your stress,
and you know my home life’s a mess
So I’d dream of saving you from our despair
And we’d fly away to our castle in the air

Sure, we had it harder than it’s had by most,
but in that place, I could hold you close
And we would fall asleep without a care,
with sweet dreams of our castle in the air

No, I never thought we’d make it there,
But still, I loved that castle in the air…

Well, we were in two storms with too distant eyes,
And, you before me, we realized
that it had all become too much to bear,
So we came down from that castle in the air

And now, I can’t dream ‘cause I can’t sleep,
Kept up by promises I couldn’t keep
And now it’s only in nightmares
that I ever see that castle in the air

And now I know it was unfair
For me to build that castle in the air…

I guess I knew we’d never make it there,
but saying so don’t mean you’re prepared
to see it wrecked beyond repair,
And give up on your castle in the air

Well, these stories really have no end,
with time, all broken hearts should mend
And I’ll start lookin’ for some new somewhere
When I stop thinking of that castle in the air…
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