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A song for the working man and woman.
Common Workin' Man

I'm the one who's tanned an weathered working on the line.
I'm the blackened face of men grown old too soon down in the mine.
I'm the farmer on the prairie trying to hold onto his land.
I'm a Rancher I'm a roughneck the common working man.

I'm the one who cries beside you as the anthem's played at games.
I'm the guy just down the street from you who knows all the neighbour's names.
I'm the father holding the newborn with rough and calloused hands.
I'm a teacher I'm a trucker I'm the common working man.

I'm a fisher from Prince Rupert or my brother from Gaspesie.
Toiling longer now than ever for a lot less take home pay.
Taxi driver working graveyards I'm a roadie with a band.
Just like you an all the others I'm the common working man.

The common working man that's how this country all began
One single common purpose and the common working man.

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