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notes & updates on my stories - News on possible new stories - updated 14/01/2024
Okay I'm going to ramble on a little here - Some of my stories I started some time ago a few are new. You may wonder why start so many stories without finishing them? Truthfully I hope to finish them all eventually but it goes like this - I start a story get so far and either get stuck, loose interest or life intrudes when I get stuck I tend to leave the story alone for a time and in between I start another story and so it goes the process repeats. I go back to an earlier story and so on and because I like variety as well! So that's a little insight as to how I go about writing my stories. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else it's just the way I tend to work. It can be confusing having so may stories going through your head. In most of my stories the main character is a heroine. I think I choose a female as the hero because I feel more for the heroine than I would a male hero. I am more protective of the character off course some of my stories have male hero's some have both.

Hello All. I'm just reminising a bit here - I want to tell you when I was a lot younger than I am today my younger neices and nephews occassionaly came to stay. They would ask me to tell them bedtime stories. In fact I think I gave them nightmares! Because I would tell them ghost stories They remind me of that time and how lhey liked my stories whenever I see them now.. I also remember when at school during English class standing up and having to make up a ghost story on the fly to tell the rest of the class well it wasn't very good! I did notice though a few of the other kids got engrosed in my telling. I think in some ways this is when my interest in story writing began.

"The Princess Ariana" Has been accepted for publishing I will update on this as further progress is made

I have just posted the first chapter of my latest story, "Darklands:The Seeress of Light."

Here are notes on how I pronounce some of the character names, places etc. in my stories
I'm not going to pronounce the more obvious or short names etc. You can work that out for yourselves

The Empress's Gifts - Deruda Kohn - Dee-ru-da Kon/ Kapordium - Capor-de-um/Faron Donway -Far-on Don-way

Dran's Mission - Dran Orsgel - Dran short for Drantor Orsgel- Ors-gel Solarene- Solar-een Short name Solar/Patresh - Pat-resh

The Scarred One heroine - In-ona/ Lashia - Lash-i-a/ Caliradia - Calir-rad-ia/ Lewyne Vale- Loo-win

Dragon Dream - dragon name - Pelonia - Pel-on-e-a - full name - you really want to know? Well, here goes- Peloniaonthantriofelusia - first part as before Pel-on-e-a then, - on-fan-tri-o-fel-oos-i-a

Melondthera Of Darkenfell - Mel- ond-thera/country- Dark-en-fell/ Xalipha- X is silent Ali-Fa /Fenlin Bodren - Fen-lin Bod-ren/Kajadyn Mountains -Ka-jad-din/Rinydal- Rin-dale/Dozyark - Doz-ark/Caphlar- Caf-lar

Sophestria - Soph-est-ri-a or Sof-est-re-a

The Kilydarin - Kily-dar-in

Knight Of Magic - Malybar - Mal-e-bar/Cadyon- Cad-eon/Faryln Forest- Far-lin/

Prince of Sorcery - Cartayis - Car-ta-is

Farreach - Far-reach

Darkside Outpost Three - Mat D'Avolon- De-Avolon/Katreen - Cat-reen/Sianna - Si-anna /Sharimdara - Shar-rim-dara/Sharimda - Shar-rim-da/Gykaloo - Gig-a-loo/Dolphi - Dol-fee

Katawyn - Cat-a-win

Winyd The Wolf - Winyd - Wind (because easier to insert the Y to avoid word confusion)

The Powers of Haddenspor - Had-den-spor

The Banished Sorceress - Maeyon - May-yon/Athmador - Ath-mad-dor/Portswelde - Port-sweld/Susweldia- Sus-wel-de-a/Poefwen - Pof-wen

Magic Dust -Philasendria - Fila-send-re-a

Truthsayer/Truth-sayer - Relana Re-lan-a

Shadow Kingdom - Calyistria Hemola- Caly-is-tri-a Hem-ola

Maraka -Mara-ka

Time measurement in the Shadow Kingdom Universe - Day=26hrs - Cycle=Month - Quarter=week (sometimes called a 7 day) - Half Cycle=Two weeks and Third Quarter=3 weeks- Annum=year- Centium=centaury

Stelsong - Stel-song - modern-day pseudonym - Stella Song

Last of The Etherwite's

Etherwite - Ether-white/ Rominy Rom-iny/ Darina - Dar-i-na

The Legend of Neyrela - pronounced Nee- reel-a

The Princess Ariana

Ariana - Ari-ana

Eldon Gastile - Eld-on Gast-ile

Mendona =Men- don-a

Telmara - Tel-mara

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