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There will always be people like most, but few like me.

-Invisible There-
by Keaton Foster

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How do I
How could I
No rhyme
Nor reason
Just a man
In shambles
Fighting himself
Nothing else
These words
Hold meaning
These ideas
Infect reason
Forcing thought
Forcing expression
Again and again
Here I sit
So full of it
These very sins
Telling you this
Meaning just that
Take what you must
Steal what you can
Feel as I do
Or just don’t
There are two methods
Two assumptions
Forces working at odds
One from within
And one without
Upon the same side
Of different coins
They somehow
Find a way to be
Can be something
While something
Lacking in abruptness
Will become mundane
Swirling towards
A deeper stain
An unwellness
Not so explained
Visionless visions
Increasingly contained
Upon these pages
Spiraling reason
Turned rambling
Inconsequential meanings
These words
Such lemmings
Facing oblivion
While never being
Understood as intended
Invisible there
I’d tell you to look
I’d tell you to see
But above all else
I know most
That you just won’t
You are not blind
But you won’t see
What I know
You just can’t
I am no better
Just much worse
Some of us
Just but a few
Perceive more than most
We wish we didn’t
But indeed we do
You find light
You see beauty
You understand reality
While I
Just don’t
Just can’t
And won’t
Invisible there
Not so very near
A blackness unclear
A pervasive spectrum
Always present
Always in semblance
No sun does not shine
Regardless of time
The sky is not blue
Despite any truth
All that there is
All that there can be
Is brutal in absolutes
A thickening wave
An eternal cascade
Varying in shades
Within a deeper blackness
Infallible is such nothingness
Spread to every beginning
And every end
Faced from the inside
And outside of my very skin
Invisible there
You cannot see
You just won’t
Not because you are blind
But because in your heart
Deeper than any part
There is a light
It grows bright
Burning away
What I man like me
Could never hope to escape
I am not jealous
I am not envious
I am nothing of you
And I am nothing to you
We are strangers
Impossible dangers
Facing two separate worlds
Realizing two opposing truths
Invisible there
What I see
You cannot
What I know
You just won’t
We are not the same
Only different
I’d be happy for you
If I knew how
You’d be worried for me
If you just could
But we cannot be
Or do what we should
Because who we are
And why we are that way
Is greater than most
For you to exist
And to persist
There needs to be
A person unlike you
Unlike most
A person who feels
And fears on a level
To all else but himself
All light needs darkness
All truth needs opposition
Because in such things
Is mired every damn reason
If you had nothing to fear
And nothing to cherish
Then trust me when I say
You be just like me
Invisible there…

Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2008-2018

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