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We all intend to do things, most of them tomorrow. When is that going to happen? Never.
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~ proverbs ~


Tomorrow, unfortunately, brings us nothing. Tomorrow represents our hopes and our dreams. Our expectations, and sometimes, even our fears. But, in the end, it is only a euphemism, a shadow, a ghost. The past can never be changed. The present is never-ending. But, inevitably, tomorrow never comes.

Everyone talks about tomorrow incessantly. Tomorrow is the epitome of the yin and the yang of our existence. The good and the bad of life. We are eternal optimists and profound pessimists. Even at the same time. Tomorrow is the promise of things to come. Great things. Sometimes scary things. Usually, we anticipate that things will be better tomorrow. Life will finally get its act together and cooperate with our expectations. Happiness and contentment are just on the horizon. Success is just around the corner. Tomorrow. Sometimes our fears win out and anxiety takes over. The worst is yet to come. The end of the world, in whatever guise, will happen. Tomorrow.

The past is there to teach us. To remind us who we have been. What we, and others, have done that was successful and enhanced our life and made it better. And what did not work and created challenges that we sometimes overcame, and sometimes not. It cannot be changed. It is etched in stone. It is a memorial to what once was. The future is tomorrow, and it can be changed anytime we wish. It is extremely fluid. It is not etched in stone. It is written on the mists of time. But nothing will ever be accomplished in the tomorrow. The only place where you can achieve anything is Today. They say that you should live in the moment, live for today. Truer words were never spoken. Tomorrow is what we want to do, what we hope to do. Today is where it gets done. We do not create or enjoy success in our dreams. That only happens in our reality. So while tomorrow is a concept that sometimes keeps us going, we need to focus on our goals and exhibit discipline and resolve. Every day is another opportunity to do something that you have not been able to do. You say that you want to do it. So do it. Today. Today is where you live life. Do not become complacent knowing that you can do it tomorrow.

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Because Tomorrow Never Comes.

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