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A young rat gets herself stuck in an awkward position while drinking out of a coke bottle.
A young rat named Rebecca was walking around looking for food when she noticed a bottle of coke and went over to have a closer look.

She walked over and looked at the bottle's rather small round entrance and then her curvaceous lower half and said, "I can fit in, my butt's not that big."

Rebecca then stuck her head inside the bottle and after some wiggling,her entire top half was soon inside, leaving only her hips, backside, tail and legs sticking out.

She then drank all of the remaining coke, unaware of her stomach's increasing size.

"That was delicious," said Rebecca as she then tried to back out of the bottle but was shocked to discover that she couldn't and after several minutes of unsuccessfully pushing and wiggling,was hit the realisation that she was in fact stuck.

"Oh, it's no use, I can't believe I'm actually stuck," said the young rat,who called out for help but received no reply and realised that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Having been stuck for more than an hour, Rebecca wondered if she was going to be stuck in the bottle forever until suddenly,her girlfriend Tanya and best friend Anna suddenly arrived and burst into laughter.

"Could you please get me out of here, it's really sticky," said the young rat.

Tanya pulled on her girlfriend's tail until she heard her say, "OW, don't pull on my tail like that, it's sensitive."

She then grabbed onto her girlfriend's hips while Anna pulled Tanya's waist and the two pulled and pulled with all their strength on poor Rebecca, who said, "OW, Ouch, OW, that really hurts, you're going to yank me in half," until finally, a loud POP sound was heard.

The three were sent flying backwards into a heap on the floor as Rebecca said, "Thank goodness for that," as she hugged and kissed her girlfriend.

She then began hugging Anna and thanked them both for rescuing her as the three began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they went to look for more food.

The End.

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