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Things I discovered while doing nursing.
I worked in nursing for many a year.
I worked as a Home Health Aide
I worked for a little over a decade.
I meet many a people doing this work.
The lame, the deaf, the blind, and the hurt.
I met a man more than one really at the end of his life.
I met some women of course too at the end of their days.
This man I met this one time, in particular, was most unique.
He was not afraid to die you see.
Not afraid to die at all, he was looking forward to it really.

He was a Christain man so he had no fear of death.
If he did have fear of death he never let me know it.
He was so gentle and kind.
He spoke many times just above a whisper.
On some days all he could do was speak with a whisper.
He was thankful for his every breath and said so often.
He was thankful for just a cup of water.
He would say thank you Lord and God bless you often.
This man had been changed and made brand new by God himself.
He was so unspeakably kind that I often wondered what was really on his mind.
He was being eaten up by cancer you see.

He was in great pain more often than not but he rarely complained.
Well, I think when he was in bad pain and letting us know he was more stating a fact than complaining.
I will never forget this gentle soul and how he slipped somewhat peacefully out of this life.
Yes, he slipped out of this life and into the next with family around him he did.
More than likely with a praise on his lips.
I was somewhat busy in another room when he left us but I know he went to be with his God.
I know this for sure,there's no doubt in my mind!
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