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Here are a few popular charities to contribute to this pandemic Christmas 2020 in need.
This year's pandemic X-mas is just 2 weeks away. The ones that can help should help especially now. I have already donated a couple times, once last month and once this month. That's all I could do or come up with on my end and now I'm asking you to do the same. It is a simple process to donate online or to volunteer at your local church too.

The charities that caught my eye this year are: Feeding America; The United Way; and Salvation Army. I donated an average amount--I'm average person. Some give less and some give more while others volunteer their time and effort. Surely, you can relate to the need of some friends or relatives that are out of work or ran out of luck or both.

I was once poor and out of luck myself and needed help that I received years ago. And, now I branched out again a little just for myself as I do get by at this time. And, now they don't have the funds needed for basic needs. The tables have turned and I can relate. But, take heed in knowing that your luck can change down the road if seeking a way out of bad situation. Some may find a dead end on that road. They're the ones WE have to reach out to--the sick or the needy or both.

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