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A united pack howling out to the world.
Far in the distance sirens are beginning to wail. A fire truck, an ambulance, or police car rushing to yet another emergency?

An unusual chorus begins. My sweet Lobo, a big black Lab-Wolf, will always be the one to begin this special concert. He raises his head to the stars and begins his doleful howl.

Sampson, son of Lobo, is soon to follow. His tone a bit higher, yet just as mournful as his father's..

Bella then begins. She is our Great Dane-Lab mix, our gentle giant. She slowly tilts her head towards the heavens, closes her eyes, and begins sending forth the longest, and most sorrowful cry of them all. She is the opera singer of our pack.

Even though she is only half the size of all of the others, our little Terrier mutt, Pancake, who mothers over them all, also digs deep within her little body, in her own unique, almost pained yip. 'Yeelp, yeelp, yeeelp.' I cannot help but laugh.

Now all are baying in unison. Each making their own beautiful music, a music that comes only from deep within Each acting upon something that has been passed from one generation to the next for millennia. It is deep within their DNA. They are transforming back to a time when their ancestors ran free and wild.

I step from my world to join them in there's. Each acknowledging my presence as they stop in unison, and turn their heads towards me. Such soft chocolate eyes filled with tender sorrowfulness, and yet I also see a questioning glint. For I am their pack leader and they await my command, my orders, my reaction. “ You heard? Sirens again, there is trouble somewhere, someone might be hurt. Should we go? Can we go? What do we do?”

I take a moment, then slowly, I raise my head towards the heavens. I also reach from deep inside my soul and begin releasing my own song, “Ahuuuuuuuuuuu, Ahuuuuuuuuuu”. Immediately my pack joins their leader, and now we are all baying towards the heavens, baying with music only our pack can make. We howl out well wishes to the world, as well as throughout the Universe. Wishes for each and every person in need, "May you be well. May you be safe. May you find peace".
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