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Jack's mistake led into a surprise that proves fruitful.
This is a tale about Jack, who lived with his mother,
Where problems led into this, that, and the other,
“What shall we do?” Jack asked, with furrowed brow,
“I know!” his mother replied. “We must sell our cow.”

Jack led the cow along the road toward town,
On the way, they met a man just hanging around,
“Hey, want to trade your cow for some magic beans?”
Jack shook his head, “Magical, what does that mean?”

Good things happen, boy, and you won’t regret it,
Well, it does sound super cool, that I can admit,
The exchange was made without any guarantee,
Jack wondered, "I hope Mom won't be mad at me."

Jack ran home and showed his mother the magic beans,
“You go and get our cow back!” was all she screamed,
Jack searched, but the man was nowhere to be found,
Disgusted with himself, he threw the beans to the ground.

After a restless sleep, Jack woke to an astounding sight,
Out his window, a massive beanstalk had grown overnight,
I’ll climb to see where it goes. I’m not afraid!
This will be my very own adventure, my crusade.

Jack climbed and climbed, then stopped, feeling free at last,
Whatever is up there, no more dwelling on the past,
He began climbing again, above the clouds, to the top,
An amazing sight greeted his eyes, his jaw dropped.

What is going on? Animals are talking to each other!
Jack asked, "Where am I?" THIS IS THE LAND OF NETHER!
They shouted; as mystical creatures gathered about,
Jack could understand them, even a genie gave a shout.

“Hello, Jack! Are you ready to make your three wishes?”
I wish for a pot of gold, a pond full of fish,
And a lovely home where my mom and I can thrive.
“You got it! Say hello to your mother when you arrive.”

He and his mother lived happily in their new home,
Jack married, settled down, never more did he roam,
But now and then they would climb the beanstalk,
To visit the land above the clouds, their fantasy walk.

36 lines
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