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A young woman gets herself stuck in a hole in a soft play while looking after her niece.
Twenty-three year old Elizabeth Thompson said to herself, "This is absolutely ridiculous, I can't believe this is actually happening to me," as she watched the fire brigade try to free her from a hole in a soft play and thought about how she ended up stuck in there in the first place.

The curvaceous glasses-wearing young brunette was spending the afternoon with her sister's daughter Sally, who was running around in the soft play at the mall and having lots of fun.

Elizabeth had just finished her chocolate caramel muffin when she suddenly heard the young girl say, "Auntie Elizabeth, it's really fun in here, could you please come in and join me?"

The young woman looked at the rather small round entrance to the soft play then at her choice of attire, a short light blue dress with white polka dots, black tights, and a black leather jacket over the top of it, and said, "It would absolutely love to, darling but unfortunately, auntie Elizabeth is just too big to fit in there because she eats too many biscuits and cakes."

"Please, Auntie Elizabeth, I know you can fit in here plus your butt isn't as big as my mom says it is," said Sally.

The young brunette said to herself, "I find it ironic that Lauren says that I have a big butt when her's is even bigger," before walking over to the entrance hole after removing her black leather jacket.

She then said, "Sally, stand back because Aunntie Elizabeth is coming in," and quickly stuck her head inside the hole, and after a brief struggle, her entire top half was soon inside, leaving only her hips, backside, and legs sticking out, giving passers-by an absolutely stunning view of her lower half.

Elizabeth said, "Yes, I'm half-way there but now for the difficult part," as she then tried to pull and wiggle her lower half through the hole for several minutes as her face turned bright red but it was just no use, she was just too big.

The young brunette said, "Sally, it's just no use, my butt is just too big, I'm really sorry but you keep enjoying yourself but I'm going out now," as she then tried to back of the hole but said, "OW," and didn't move a single itch.

Elizabeth said to herself, "Uh oh, this is really bad, please don't tell me that I'm stuck," as she placed her hands against the entrance hole and pushed, wiggled and pushed with all her strength for several minutes without success despite putting her left foot against the outside of the soft play for more leverage.

The young woman finally said, "OW, OW, that really hurts, I give up, I'm stuck," as she felt extremely embarrassed then thought about calling her best friend Sarah for help but remembered that her phone was in her jacket pocket.

Elizabeth said to Sally, "Sally, I'm stuck, could you please go and get someone to pull me out," as the young girl quickly exited the soft play through another hole and quickly found a security guard named Lacy, who was more than happy to help.

The young woman burst into laughter when she saw the young brunette's barely-covered backside sticking out of the hole as her dress had blown up, exposing her white panties with tiny teddy bears on them through her tights and joked, "Adorable underwear but I'm afraid the soft play is for children, could you please come out of there?"

The now humiliated Elizabeth explained the entire situation before asking for help as the security said, "Don't worry miss, I'll happily pull you out of there," as she fixed her dress then grabbed onto her hips and pulled and pulled with all her strength.

The young woman said, "OW, Ouch, OW, that really hurts, please stop pulling on me because it's not going to work," as Lacy quickly stopped pulling.

The young woman said, "I'm so sorry miss that I hurt you, miss, I didn't mean to but you just won't budge and have certainly wedged yourself in there tight, I think we should call the fire brigade because it's obvious that you can't be pulled out of there."

Elizabeth said, "I definitely agree, I shouldn't have eaten that chocolate fudge muffin before I climbed in here," as she was then hugged by Sally, who climbed back inside the soft play then apologised for getting her stuck.

The young brunette said, "It's not your fault, darling, I should have listened to myself when I told you I wouldn't fit in here," as she then began laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation.

The fire brigade soon arrived after being called by Lacy and quickly began trying to rescue Elizabeth as a crowd gathered.

The young woman then began thinking about how she ended up in this position.

This is where we came in.

The fire officers removed Elizabeth's tights and covered her hips and stomach with lotion while using the jaws of life to make the hole bigger as Elizabeth pushed and pushed with all her strength as she suddenly came flying out of the hole with an extremely loud POP sound.

The young brunette said, "Thank goodness for that, I'm finally free," as she quickly pulled up her tights before thanking Sally, Lacy and the fire brigade for helping rescue her as the crowd quickly left, some having taken pictures of her barely-covered backside.

The main fire officer said, "I was absolutely no problem, miss, I think the hole's actually big enough for you to fit in now."

Elizabeth said, "I think I'll pass, my soft play days are over," as everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation while Sally continued to enjoy herself.

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